Foxes News August 2014

Welcome to Foxes News August 2014

This month we have made a change in the routines and groups. We now have Foxes, who are 2.5-3 years old and the Squirrels are 2-2.5 years. The Foxes now spend their day downstairs whilst the Squirrels follow their normal routine. This month the Foxes are becoming familiar with the new routine. The first week we had an observation week which worked really well and helped us to know what the children enjoyed, including role-playing shops using the wobbles as shopping baskets.

photo (3)The Foxes have also shown a great interest in the car tracks and connecting them together to build a road, then rolling the cars along.


Now that the Foxes are downstairs they have been getting out to the garden a bit more. Louei and Alex have really enjoyed putting the hula hoops around their waist saying ‘Hula Hula’.

photo (2)


All of the children’s speech has really come on and more of them can now put a few words together to create a sentence. They can also recognise a few colours and match them to the same colour of plate, cup etc.




Zoe has been really enjoyed the colours and was able to put all the purple objects and match them up together on the purple plate.

We would like to welcome our new teacher Carolann who started with us this week. All the Foxes have got to know Carolann and enjoy having her around.

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