Foxes News April 2015

Foxes News April 2015

This month the Foxes have been very busy! We have welcomed Edith and Callum into our group from the Squirrels and have really enjoyed getting to know them.

We have loved doing some baking this month and all worked together to make some tasty fruity flapjacks! We all helped to mash the fruit and mix all the ingredients together. We thought the best part was eating them!

Letter recognitionWe have been exploring letters this month and looking at the letters which make up our names. We have done this through a range of activities such as using paint and letter sponges to print our names, using the magnetic letters to find the letters in our names and listening to letter sounds. We’re very good at finding our names.

We have been working on our memory skills recently as our teachers introduced a Monday morning newsflash time. At this time our teachers sit with us and talk about what we did at the weekend. We then draw a beautiful picture and our teacher writes down what we have said about our picture. We really enjoy having this one to one time.

Bird feedersWe have been looking after the birds this month as we were eco warriors and used recycled kitchen roll tubes to make bird feeders. We rolled the tubes in honey before rolling them in bird seed and hanging them up outside. The birds must have really enjoyed them as there are no seeds left on them!






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