Nursery News September 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News September 2016

Door Security

We would like to ask parents to please be mindful of letting people into the building. On a few occasions, delivery men have gained access to the nursery by parents holding the door open for them. If you do notice somebody behind you trying to gain access to the building, we would be grateful if you could let a staff member know so we can greet them at the door.

This safety measure is to ensure that our children and staff are kept safe at all times.

Outdoor Clothing

Could we please ask that children come to nursery with suitable outdoor clothing including wellies and waterproofs if possible. We have our garden open in all weathers and have a limited supply of spare wellies and waterproofs.

Policy of the month

Our policy of the month for October will be Behaviour Management & Promoting positive behaviour. We believe in promoting positive behaviour in young children by setting clear limits, praising and rewarding good behaviour, adopting a consistent approach and demonstrating a calm and clear response to inappropriate behaviour.  Some of you may be aware that we have our ‘Kindness tree’ on the ground floor which we use for promoting positive behaviour. Children receive a leaf on the tree for acts of kindness and once they have collected 5 leaves they get to choose a prize such as getting to take their favourite toy home from nursery for the night. This has been working really well and the children have enjoyed helping to count the leaves on the tree at together times.

Lunch Provision

We are now receiving feedback on the lunch trial which concluded on Friday 30 September. The outcome of the consultation will be communicated to parents by Friday 7 October.

Parent Involvement

The Rabbits & Foxes really enjoyed having Remi’s dad Alfredo coming in to talk to us about his hobby tennis! Remi was great with the kids, showing them his tennis bag and equipment and showing them how to bounce the tennis balls etc. Please let us know if you would like to come in to spend time with either the Hedgehogs or Foxes & Rabbits, for example, to share your hobbies/ interests or to read the children a book (this could even be done in another language!)

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

We have spent some time over at the Meadows this month to gather leaves and natural materials for our displays and messy play. The Foxes spent lots of time choosing their leaves to paint and had lots of fun getting messy with the paint and glue!

Forest Schools has been going really well. The children have been taking lots of surveys of the environment and recording their findings using block charts. They have also been having lots of fun climbing up the muddy hill and making role play BBQs with the sticks they collected. Our new block of Forest Schools will commence on Monday 31st October.


We are happy to announce that Lizzie, who is studying music at university, will be returning to providing music sessions with her guitar for all the children at the nursery. Lizzie will be coming in twice a week and will spend time singing with the Hedgehogs on the middle floor as well as singing with the Foxes & Rabbits on the ground floor. Amongst other songs, Lizzie will sing our ‘Song of the Week’ to the children and will come in on a Monday & Friday morning at 10am.


We would like to say a big Congratulations to Sam who gave birth to baby Harry on 2 September. Both Sam and Harry are doing really well and have already been in to visit us!

We would like to Welcome Ash to Meadows Nursery. Ash is a fully qualified teacher and will be working on the ground floor with the Rabbits.

Sadly we are saying goodbye to Kadie & Chantelle. Kadie is moving to London to be closer to her family and Chantelle is moving on to work as a teacher with Edinburgh Council.

Diary Dates

The Rabbits & Foxes will be having a visit from Zoolab on Monday 24 October.

Our Halloween tea party will be on Friday 28 October. All children & siblings are welcome!



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