Nursery News October 2017 Millerfield Place

Nursery News October 2017

Our Nursery Topic

As you may be aware, our new topic on the ground floor is ‘Our Nursery’. This will involve the children expressing their likes and dislikes and suggesting ideas about activities, environment and practice.

We are really excited about this new topic in our nursery and we have lots of great ideas.

We would like to invite parents to come in and spend time with us discussing their childhood memories from their own nurseries. This could include – What did your nursery look like? Did you have a uniform? What was your favourite activity? What are the differences & similarities between your nursery and ours?

We would also appreciate it if you could give us your opinion about what you like in our nursery and what makes us unique.

Junk Modelling

The Hedgehogs, Foxes and Rabbits all spend lots of time junk modelling. We would be grateful if parents could bring in any ‘junk’ (yogurt pots, kitchen roll tubes etc) from home to replenish our supplies.

Staff CPD

Kathleen has recently started studying the BA in Childhood Practice at the University of Edinburgh. Kathleen will study on a part time basis over the next 3 years.

Diary Dates

Our Halloween Tea Party will take place on Tuesday 31st October at 3pm.

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