Nursery News November 2017 Millerfield Place

Nursery News November 2017

Thank you to all parents who completed our Values, Vision & Aims questionnaires. We really appreciate your input and will feedback to everyone once we have collated all of the responses.

Thank you also to Krishna’s Mum, Radhika, for coming in and celebrating Diwali with the children. Radhika read us a story about Diwali and played songs for us to dance to. We also used coloured sand and our fingers to make Rangoli patterns & designs.


The children sat really well as we listened to the Halloween story and learned about the Zoolab animals. We got to touch (if we wanted to!) and look at a snake, toads, snails, a tarantula, cockroach & a millipede. All of the children were very good at remembering to wash their hands afterwards!

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

We spent some time at the Meadows and Sciennes woodland this month gathering leaves and natural materials for our displays and messy play.

Our Forest Schools trips have been going really well. We have been learning about the animals that live at Blackford pond as well as discussing environmental print, such as street signs, we see on our way to the pond.

Some of the Rabbits went to Summerhall to take part in in a workshop called ‘I’m a very Clever Cat’- part of the kite and trumpet festival of Polish art. We listened to stories and had lots of fun creating artwork using wool and other collage materials.

Diary Dates

Wednesday 15th November- Parent Forum

Thursday 14th December- Rabbit & Fox Nativity & Christmas Party

Friday 15th December- Hedgehogs Christmas Party

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