Nursery News November 2015 Millerfield Place

We bade a fond farewell to Bianca last week and wish her all the best in her new role out in East Lothian. Samantha, our new manager, is settling in well and getting to know children, parents, staff and all our routines and procedures. It’s good to have a “fresh pair of eyes” and hear about other ways of doing things!

Now that the colder weather is approaching, we’re keen to still use our garden as much as possible so please provide your child with a named hat, scarf, gloves etc. It’s very important that they’re labeled as it helps us keep a track of what belongs to who! We have a light in our back garden so our younger children can still use the garden at the end of the day when it’s darker.


We have a new member of staff, Irene Baeza, who started with us on Monday 26th October. Irene has helped us out before through the Supermums agency so she already knows the children and staff. Please introduce yourself to Irene if you haven’t already met her. During her induction period, Irene will be working with all age groups.

Annie started her maternity leave a few weeks ago and is due back next year.

Lizzie is back doing Piano time with the older children on Monday and Thursday mornings.

We are pleased to let you know that Steph is now the Team Leader on the ground floor. This will allow Alison, who previously had this role, to support and deputise for Samantha. We wish Steph all the best in her new role.

Our current staffing comprises:

First Floor:

Louise – Team Leader

Kathleen, Carrie, Katie, Amy H, Carrie, Garazi,

Ground Floor:

Steph – Team Leader

Carolann, Chantelle, Sam, Amy M (possibly Irene, after induction)

Alison – Deputy Manager

Samantha – Manager

Staff work either a 4 day week 8am to 6pm or 5 days from 8.30am to 5.30pm, with the exception of Sam who works 7.30 to 5.30 and Amy M who works 9.30am to 4.30pm.


We are trialling handover slips on the first floor and will be asking for your feedback on these shortly. We are generally keen that staff time is spent with the children and not spent writing about them, however, we also want to report back key information to you at the end of the day. Thoughts and ideas are welcome!


Staff at Meadows Nursery have regular opportunities to improve their skills and have recently taken part in First Aid training and Fire Safety training. Since we are a partnership nursery (with CEC) we can also make use of the courses on offer at the council.

Steph recently attended a 3 day Forest School course run by the Forestry Commission which has benefitted our Forest School trips.


When bringing medication in to the nursery please give it to a senior member of staff ie Samantha, Louise or Alison so that the necessary forms can be completed. All other staff will be busy with the children and won’t be able to process the medication request.


You may have noticed some movement around resources & activity boxes over the last couple of weeks! We are having a clear-out and tidy up of all the rooms which hopefully should be complete before putting up our Christmas decorations!

The next room to be decorated at the nursery is the kitchen on the ground floor. Children do not use this room so easier from a logistics point of view to decorate.

We are very pleased with the newly decorated Animal & Flower Rooms and our new policy is to only use designated boards for display thereby preserving the lovely paint work.


It was suggested that wherever possible we should use organic produce and we try to do this. The milk we use in the nursery is organic and children have access to their water bottles throughout the day. Our Suggestion Box is located in the hall if you have a good idea for the nursery. Please also be assured that Samantha, Alison and Jen are available at any time should you wish to discuss any nursery issue.


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