Nursery News March 2017 Millerfield Place

Nursery News March 2017

Policy of the Month

Our policy of the month for April is Supervision of Visitors and Security.

We would ask parents to please be mindful of letting people into the building. On a few occasions, delivery men and agency staff have gained access to the nursery by parents holding the door open for them. If you do notice somebody behind you trying to gain access to the building, we would be grateful if you could let a staff member know so we can greet them at the door.

This safety measure is to ensure that our children and staff are kept safe at all times.

Parent Involvement

We would like to thank Meriam (Loueϊ’s Mum) for reading a story in French to the Foxes and Rabbits. The children really enjoyed hearing the story and asking Meriam lots of questions. If any other parents wish to come in and share your hobbies, songs or stories with the children, please let us know.

Parents Evening

Our Parents evening will take place on Thursday 20 April. Please find a sign-up sheet in the front hall should you wish to make an appointment. If you have any questions regarding parents evening, please feel free to ask.

Music Time

The Hegdehogs, Foxes and Rabbits have been having great fun at our daily music times with Sophia and Lizzie this month. We have been signing our Song of the Week and our favourite action songs along to the piano, guitar, ukulele & clarinet! We have all really enjoyed using percussion instruments to play along with Lizzie & Sophia and the older children are doing well at trying to keep the beat.

Shop Trips

We have been taking weekly trips to our local fruit shop to top up our supply of fruit & veg for snack. The children have been learning about the different types of fruit & vegetables we can buy for our snacks and the older children have been doing great at helping to count out our pennies! All of the children have been good helpers while preparing the fruit and veg for snacks. We have been discussing which foods are healthy and why, as well as which foods are unhealthy and the effects of consuming too much of these.

Diary Dates

Wednesday 19 April – Rabbits Spring Trip

Thursday 20 April- Parents Evening

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