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Nursery January 2017

Music Time

We are pleased to let you know that Sophia Turner, who is currently studying music at Edinburgh University, will be joining us for music time on the days Lizzie isn’t in ie Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays. Sophia also plays piano and we’re really looking forward to having our singing accompanied on the piano on a daily basis! Sophia & Lizzie also play other instruments which they will bring to nursery from time to time to play for the children. Singing, music, rhymes, chants etc are all a very important part of nursery life and we hope to have a song or rhyme for every occasion! It’s also lots of fun!

Activities & Trips

We have lots going on in the nursery this year, including:

Monday – Tatty Bumpkins with the Foxes & Rabbits, Music time with Sophia.

Tuesday – Enjoy a ball at the Meadows with the Rabbits. Music time with Sophia.

Wednesday – Mini Zoomers at Summerhall ( Hedgehogs once a month), Music time with Lizzie, Glencairn Care home visit (all age groups, set group for block of visits)

Thursday – Forest schools – The foxes will be going to the woodland at Sciennes in the first block then the Rabbits will be going to Blackford Pond. Music time with Sophia.

Friday – Music time with Lizzie.

We plan to rotate the days we have specialist activities where possible so that all children have the opportunity to take part.

Along with our planned specialist activities and trips we will continue to go on trips with all age groups to the Meadows park, Clambers, the museum, library & the fruit shop as much as we can. We track the trips so that we can ensure that all children have equal opportunity to go out and about.

Scottish Month

Thank you to everyone who came to our Burns Tea party. The children have really enjoyed learning Scottish songs and stories and the Rabbits and Foxes did really well at making their own tartan collages! We have all spent lots of time baking for our tea party, the Hedgehogs had a great time exploring the ingredients and mixing them together in their own bowl while making shortbread. A special thank you to Rosa and Clem for entertaining us with Scottish poems and music at the Rabbits & Foxes party.

Our Scotland & Other Cultures topic will be continued on the ground floor for a few more weeks. We will be learning about Chinese New Year and other celebrations around the world.

We welcome any parents who would like to come in and share aspects of their culture with the children through books, songs or activities.

Policy of the month

Our policy of the month for February will be our Play policy. As most of our learning is supported through Play, our policy identifies the play schemes, why play is important and how we encourage and support play.


We sadly said goodbye to Nadia this month who has gone to China to teach English. We would like to thank Nadia for all her hard work at Meadows and wish her all the best with her travels!

We would like to welcome Margaret (Mags) to Meadows Nursery. Margaret has worked in childcare for a number of years and will be based on the ground floor with the Rabbits & Foxes.

We would also like to welcome Katy & Denisa to Meadows. Katy is a qualified practitioner and will be working with the Hedgehogs on the middle floor. Denisa, who will join us later this month, is a qualified teacher and will be working alongside Anne-Marie, Erin & Carrie implementing the curriculum for excellence for the Rabbits.

Diary Dates

15th Feb Parents Forum 6.30-7.30pm
15th March Topic Session at 4pm
2nd March World Book Day
6th April Parents Night 6.30-8pm
17th April Spring Trip
TBC Eco Committee Meeting
17th May Topic Session at 4pm
9th June Sports Day
23rd June Summer Show/Graduation
11th July Parents Forum 6.30-7.30pm
4th August Tea Party 3-4.30pm
TBC Eco Committee Meeting
13th Sept Topic Session at 4pm
5th Oct Parents Evening 6.30-8pm
31st Oct Tea Party/Halloween Party 3-4.30pm
TBC Eco Committee Meeting
15th Nov Parents Forum 6.30-7.30pm
8th Dec Christmas Panto
14th Dec Rabbit & Foxes Nativity & Party
15th Dec Hedgehog’s Christmas Party
22nd at 6pm Nursery Closes
4th Jan 2018 Nursery re-opens


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