Hedgehogs News September 2018

IMG_9881The Hedgehogs’ main interest for the last few weeks has been mark-making with different tools and we will continue this a little longer as the Hedgehogs still find objects to create marks with.

Another big interest are the little cars and the children use a variety of different props for their play such as half pipes and boxes which serve as ramps and garages. This interest ties in nicely with making marks for which we can also use cars rolled in paint and continue another focus of colour recognition and sorting. For this the children have also been using a box with holes cut in to put balls through – this was great for fine motor skills as well as colour recognition.

FullSizeRenderAs the weather is now changing the Hedgehogs will have the chance to collect objects like conkers, leaves and sticks when out for a walk which they can then incorporate into their tactile messy play.

The Hedgehogs have also had the opportunity to go on lots of trips, including book bug sessions at the library as well as some energetic play at the park.

Over the next few weeks we will celebrate Paddy’s, Izabella’s and Reuben’s 2nd Birthdays.