Hedgehogs News October 2016

Hedgehogs News October 2016

Firstly we would like to wish Charlie, Chunyi, Reuben, Branwen, Carlotta, Anna, Pearl and Isabella a big happy 2nd Birthday!

We have had a very fun, messy, exciting October here at Meadows Nursery and we would like to share it with you.

img_4380The Animal Room

The Animal Room is the room where all the little artists get to make the most of using the paint, glue, junk modelling, play dough, crayons and chalk. We love it! This month we made salt dough using flour, salt and water, our teacher helped by using Halloween shaped cutters and cut out a mixture of ghosts and bats. We then put them into the oven and, once they were hard, we painted them and took them home to hang up for a Halloween decoration at our house!

We also completed our Autumn display. We created many pictures using leaves that we had collected while we were out for nursery walks to Meadows park. We had the choice to paint, glue and colour leaves using crayons and then stick them onto a variety of coloured paper. We got very sticky!

The Tree Room

We really enjoy playing in our role play corner, exploring the different utensils that we have, making ‘meals’ and ‘cups of tea’ for our friends and of course our teachers, so our teachers thought it would be a nice idea if we had a teddy bears picnic here at nursery! We brought our favourite soft toy from home and we made them tea, coffee and they even had a yummy cake!

We also had a ‘Book of the Week’, where each child got the chance to bring in their favourite book from home. We took special turns of reading the different books, we loved sitting in our cosy story corner listening to our favourite books and sharing them with friends.

img_4358The Bird Room

In the Bird Room this month we have enjoyed exploring the different resources that we have. We have been playing with the old mobile phones and cameras, putting the phones to our ears and phoning our mummies and daddies. This makes us smile lots!

We have also enjoyed playing with the natural resources such as the sea shells, acorns and the wooden resources.

Halloween Party

We also celebrated Halloween at nursery by having a tea party with our friends, teachers and even our mummies and daddies came. For our tea party we baked cakes, made decorations and we even dressed up! It’s was lots of fun having our mummies and daddies here to play at nursery.


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