Hedgehogs News November 2016

Hedgehogs News November 2016

We would like to wish Kitty a big happy 1st birthday! We hope you had a magical day, from all of your friends at Meadows Nursery.

We would also like to welcome a few new friends, Arran, Emily, Fin and Ruby to the nursery who have joined us this month.

We are looking forward to you playing with us and can’t wait to show you all of the best toys!

Pyjama Day

We had a pyjama day at nursery to raise money for Children in Need!

We got to wear our pyjamas to nursery for the day, even the teachers took part! We also had a bake sale to raise money which will go to a good cause.

Book Week

To celebrate Book Week at nursery we got the chance to bring in our favourite book from home and dress up as our favourite story book character. The Gruffalo decided to come to nursery that day!


We have had a fun and exciting month at nursery getting ready for Christmas. We have been making a variety of Christmas crafts to take home to our family in the Animal Room and we have had such a good time gluing, sticking, painting, and adding coloured glitter to everything we can!

We have enjoyed exploring a variety of textures though our hands, fingers and even our feet! We don’t want to give the surprise away but we have been making gifts to take home. We decorated a calendar adding a lovely Christmas poem. We have also decorated a glass candle holder, we have made our Christmas cards, a decoration for our Christmas tree at home and a special bag to put everything we made into. We have been very busy!


We have been exploring colours this month in The Tree Room. We have been looking through colour books at story time, playing with the coloured elephants and sorting them into matching coloured bags. We also made a colour sorting box, we cut holes out and coloured around them red, blue and green and we practiced putting coloured balls into the correct holes. We really enjoyed doing this and some of us are doing well learning the names of a few colours.

Bird Room

We have enjoyed having quiet stories in the Bird Room, relaxing on the comfy rugs and lie back on the cushions and having a story with our teachers. We have also been playing with the discovery bottles a lot this month: water with glitter, beads, coloured lollipop sticks, pom-poms, but we like the loud ones that rattle best of course!



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