Hedgehogs News May 2018

Congratulations to Thomas who has become a big brother to a little baby girl.

IMG_1633The Hedgehogs have been very interested in dinosaurs at the moment. There have been lots of new books in the tree room and “Ten Little Dinosaurs” has been very popular.  Some of the Hedgehogs have been joining in at various parts of the story, which helps to develop their vocabulary.  They have enjoyed dinosaur play using the water tray and the sandpit and making salt dough by measuring flour and salt, stirring and kneading. This all helps to develop fine motor skills and have fun at the same time!  The children also used junk and lots of gluing materials to create a collage from the story “Ten Little Dinosaurs”.

Out in the garden the kitchen area has been very popular. The Hedgehogs have been sitting on deck chairs, preparing bowls and cups for one another.  They have been transporting sand into bowls and cups and pretending to eat/drink from them, all of which is great imaginary role play.

IMG_1548Some Hedgehogs have been experimenting with drain pipes using water as well as toys and animals, placing them at the top of the drain then watching them whoosh down the pipe. They took turns nicely, showing good relationships amongst the Hedgehogs.

In the Animal Room the hedgehogs have been doing various messy gluing using sand and oats to create their own individual pieces of art. Some of the hedgehogs particularly seemed to enjoy the coloured oats and transferred it to mix in with the playdough, great fun.

The Hedgehogs have also been on trips to the play park at the Meadows with the Foxes & Rabbits, enjoying being with the older children & siblings in a fun outdoor environment.

Some of our older Hedgehogs joined in Tatty Bumpkins downstairs. This was a positive experience for them to join in with the older children before they make the transition to go downstairs.  Tatty Bumpkin includes yoga, music and story telling that helps the children to develop fine/gross motor skills, balance and listening skills.