Hedgehogs News March 2017

Hedgehogs News March 2017


We would like to wish our friend Matilda a very happy 2nd birthday

IMG_2319Animal room

This month in the Animal Room we have been very busy doing lots of fun messy play. We have been exploring different dry and wet sensory items such as feathers, sponges, jelly, rice, paint, and porridge oats. We all like getting messy, as well as splashing around in our water tray. Most of us end up getting all wet and have to change our clothes. Playing with the sand is fun too, we like to explore wet and dry stand with buckets and spades.

Tree Room

We have had lots of fun and making great progress with the baby walker this month which helps us to practice walking and balancing. We also like to zoom around which is great fun. We also had a range of fun table top activities such as puzzles, colour sorting and threading.

IMG_2330The Bird Room

We have been very busy making lots of noise with our musical instruments in the Bird Room this month. We are learning about the different sounds, shapes and sizes of instruments. We have also been using the different shape mirrors to look at our reflection.


This month in the garden we have been doing lots of fun activities. With help from our teachers, we are able to climb and walk along our crates, wooden logs and balancing beams. This is great for us to practice balancing. We have also been reading books, drawing and playing in our outdoor sand pit.


We have recently been out on a trip to the park where we swung back and forth on the swings, and went round and round on the roundabout too. We also enjoyed running about and climbing up onto the climbing frame and sliding down the slide. These outdoor activities are good for the children as they used their gross motor skills and develops relationship with each other.



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