Hedgehogs News June 2018

IMG_8642This month we have welcomed little Kostas into the baby room and celebrated Isabel’s and Nicolai’s 2nd birthday!

Our main focus this month with the Hedgehogs has been the development of their gross motor skills and hand to eye coordination. We created obstacle courses in the garden which included balancing beams, flat stilts and hula hoops as well as balls and tyres. This gave the Hedgehogs the opportunity to practice their balancing, kicking, rolling, throwing and pushing skills. Everybody seemed to enjoy these various activities and everybody’s preferences and skills were taken into account.

The children have also enjoyed playing with water in the garden, pouring water over their hands, down pipes and experiencing its cold and wet properties.

IMG_8746Our messy and sensory experiences were all about using materials to create patterns like cotton wool, bubblewrap and sponges as well as rosemary and sage twigs which we also incorporated into our playdough. A lot of the Hedgehogs showed an interest in smelling the herb twigs and rubbing them between their fingers, so we created little sensory bags with a variety of scents.

Times flies when you’re having fun and we’re now almost half way through the year.

Let’ see what July will bring!