Hedgehogs News July 2018

IMG_9241The Hedgehogs have been doing lots of fun and interesting things this month. They’ve been enjoying the warm weather in the garden by playing with the outdoor water tray and they get very excited when their teachers put sun cream and sun hats on them.



IMG_9247The children are very interested in drawing on the chalkboards in the Animal Room. They also enjoyed lots of painting and gluing this month in free flow play, and they are also interested in sticking objects in playdough and getting them unstuck.

In the Tree Room the children have taken to regularly sitting down with books or asking their teachers to read books to them. They are also playing more with the toy babies and enjoy looking after them and feeding them food from the house corner.

IMG_9213The Hedgehogs have been on several trips to the Meadows Park this month as the weather has been lovely. They have been enjoying looking at the different cars, buses and lorries on our walk over and all the different activities the park has to offer.