Hedgehogs News July 2016

Hedgehogs News July 2016

We would all like to welcome Julek and Chunyi who have both started with the Hedgehogs this month!

We would also like to wish Happy Birthday to Myles who has turned 2 this month.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed a range of fun activities in the play rooms and also in the garden, enjoying the sunshine!

exploring paintTree Room & Bird Room

This month in the Tree room the children’s main interests have been role-playing with puppets and making a puppet show. The children have also been ‘transporting’ items from one object to another, opening and closing boxes and tubs, which helps to develop their fine-motor skills.

We have also had fun exploring with the dinosaurs and making lots of dinosaur noises!

Animal Room

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed lots of messy play activities, using paint and gluing materials to make pictures for our display board. We have also loved splashing in the water tray with a range of utensils such as bowls, spoons and whisks to mix the water and make bubbles!

water playGarden Play

We have been making the most of the lovely sunshine and getting lots of time outside. The children have been exploring with the water trays out in the garden, splashing and sitting in the water and playing with the balls and water toys. We have also been on trips to Meadows Park. The children have been developing their gross motor skills by climbing up the big steps to the slide and also running around on the big grass area.


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