Hedgehogs News February 2017

Hedgehogs News February 2017

We would like to say a big welcome to our friend Dylan who has started at Meadows Nursery this month.

We would also like to wish Misha and Otto a very happy 2nd birthday!

TIMG_2110his month in the Animal Room we have been exploring the different colours of paint.  We have decided to put cling film over the table as most of the children seemed to like to paint the table instead of paper! The children really enjoy this activity, using their imagination to explore with the paint, glitter, foam and different assorted sponges.

The children were interested in playing with the garage, cars and puzzles this month. We had great fun rolling the cars down the ramps and made our own big ramps using guttering in the garden for our cars to roll down.  We have put out a variety of different puzzles along with cars and another garage. This is lots of fun.

image4The children also enjoyed our new shape sorters. We spent lots of time matching the shapes and putting them in and taking them out of the sorters.  This is a great activity for the children to play with as it helps to develop their hand-eye coordination skills.



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