Hedgehogs News February 2015

Hedgehogs Website – February 2015

Welcome to Josh!

image3 - veg printingHappy Birthday to Lara and Siardus who turned 1 this month!

This month all the Hedgehogs had lots of fun exploring the paint and fruit and veg together! We liked using the fruit and veg to make prints on the paper, some of us liked tasting the lemons and sucking the juice out! We plan to carry out a food tasting activity to develop on this!

image2 - veg printing


Some of us enjoyed a trip to the park, we loved exploring and climbing on the climbing frame and slide and swinging on the swings! We also loved watching the builders on the diggers making lots of noise!

image4 - Balls




We have all spent lots of time exploring the balls this month! The younger Hedgehogs enjoy the different textures of the balls in the sensory basket whereas the older Hedgehogs have been using the big balls to roll, throw and kick both indoors and out.

We all enjoyed our Tea Party this month. We had lots of fun joining in with instruments at Lisa C’s last music time!


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