Hedgehogs News August 2018

The Hedgehogs are showing a lot of interest in mark-making and have been using chalk, dry markers, crayons and sticks in the sand to get creative with tiny circles, swirls and long lines. This type of activity helps to develop fine motor skills, as well as the children’s imagination and vocabulary.

We have also started a “Squash and a Squeeze” wall display as this is a very popular book with the Hedgehogs just now. Some of the older children can now “read” along with us as they remember lots of words, in this way developing their memory skills

Outside in the garden we are focusing on our gross motor skills and using the balancing beam, wobble boards, hula hoops and tyres to learn different body movements, hand to eye coordination, turn-taking and sharing.

The Hedgehogs are also very interested in role play just now and we spent a lot of time in the house corner, cooking and dressing up in dresses and hats.