Hedgehogs News April 2019

This month the Hedgehogs have been focusing on Spring time and Easter. At the beginning of the month, the children have been looking at the animals that come during Spring time and they have made their own little sheep and birds using lots of different materials. The children also enjoyed making Easter cards, decorating their own eggs and even taking part in some baking where we made chocolate nests.

IMG_1533In the Tree Room the children have been enjoying playing with the babies, dressing them up and pushing them and carrying them around the room. The children have also been interested in playing with the jigsaws where they were attempting to match the pictures and shapes together. We have had the tents and tunnels out with the plastic balls where the children were enjoying throwing the balls into the tents and trying to catch them.

Outside the children have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been practising their balance using the scooters. The children have also been out on some outings to the play park with the older boys and girls from downstairs.

We would like to welcome Evie, Ella and Finn to the Hedgehogs!