Rabbits & Foxes News October 2015

Rabbits & Foxes News October 2015

We would like to wish Happy Birthday! to Callum and Frank, who have both turned 3 this month.

IMG_6173During the month of October, the Rabbits and Foxes have been learning all about ‘Land’. To start the topic off we asked the children what they knew about ‘Land’. The Rabbits and Foxes came up with some fantastic ideas for example: “vegetables come from farms”, “animals eat grass” and there are lots of different types of land ie “sand” and “soil”.


The children have been learning the sounds of the letters in their names.  We have spent time building our names with magnetic letters and sticking objects that start with the letter sound in their letter plate. We have been introducing rhyming words by reading rhyming books like The Cat in the Hat and Room on the Broom.


This month we have been introducing measuring.  The children have been using the measuring tape to measure the length of objects in and around the room.  We have been concentrating on counting to twenty and recognising numbers up to number ten.

IMG_0971Health and Wellbeing

“I am learning where living things come from and how they grow, develop and are nurtured.” To cover this learning outcome we began with a discussion of what is living and what is not. Next we planted some sunflowers and pumpkins and talked about how to care for plants ie by watering them and giving them sunshine. We then went on to look at our own bodies and what we need to grow and develop. The children were very good at naming their body parts, how we use them and how we can look after our bodies, for example drinking milk to help our bones grow strong. To end this learning outcome we drew around two of our friends & painted on clothes, gluing on wool for hair etc.


’Together we enjoy handling, tasting and learning about different foods, discovering ways in which eating and drinking may help us grow and keep healthy’. To cover this learning outcome, we firstly looked where foods come from and what farming equipment and machines are used to help the farmers plant, grow and harvest the different foods. Next we had a discussion about what our body needs to work, along with which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy. The children gave lots of ideas of different foods. Finally we had a taste test, which was great. We had a range of textured foods for us to taste. Our favourites were candy floss and orange juice but most of us did not like pickles or sparkling water.



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