Rabbits News August 2014

Welcome to Rabbits News August 2014

The Rabbits have been saying goodbye to some of our friends who are off to school, we wish you all the best of luck! We have also said hello to Max who is back with us after some time in America and we will soon be saying hello to Esme F who will be joining the Rabbits.

literacy - bird guideLiteracy

This month, and into September, we are working on our Eco topic! Our literacy focus this month is all about where to look for information and how to use the information we find. So far we have been using Bird books and wildlife books to identify different birds and have been using what we have learnt to help us discover which birds we can see in our nursery garden. So far we have spotted some Sparrows, a Robin and a Blue tit.


This month our numeracy focus has been all about measurements and recording. As our topic is Eco, we decided to make a rain gauge using an old plastic bottle and we will use this to measure and record the rainfall over a 6 week period. We are also planning to make a weather chart and will soon be having a discussion to find out what this could look like and what we information we will find out from it. As we are looking out for birds and different wildlife around our nursery, we will keep a record of the number of times we see each different bird or animal and think of new ways to attract more.

Health and wellbeing - rspbHealth and Wellbeing

The Rabbits’ Health and Wellbeing focus this month is all about the people who work to help conserve the environment and look after our wildlife. We will be finding out a little about a variety of these jobs such as RSPB workers, Woodland trust, Wildlife trust etc. We may even try to invite some of these people to tell us a bit about their jobs!

Technologies - bug hotelTechnologies

This month we will be using our imagination to be creative and use natural or recycled materials to construct different things. A big project we will be working on is making a bug hotel. For this project we might need your help in finding old bits of carpet, old books, bricks, bamboo canes, sticks etc that we can use for our bug hotel. Have a look at the picture to get an idea of what it will look like! We will also be having a look at some bird’s nests and having a go at making our own, choosing the materials we think would work best.

Forest Schools

We are just about to start our next block of Forest schools and this time we will be heading to Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden for some more exploring and discovering through nature!

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