Rabbits and Foxes News October 2018

We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Chunyi, Reuben and Anna who turned 4 this month. We recently welcomed Zdenek to the Ground Floor, we are sure he will have lots of fun with the Rabbits!

We are very sorry to say goodbye to Myles and Sarah who are going to school nursery.

October has been a very busy month for our Foxes and Rabbits with our new topic Transport. The children learned all about different ways of travelling on various modes of transport. They also learned how to find information about transport using non-fiction books and also how to tell the difference between fiction and non-fiction books.

The Rabbits made tally charts and discussed which modes of transportation we use to get to the nursery in the morning. We have been learning how to put things in the groups of different sizes or colours using cars, planes and trains. As a part of this topic we have also talked to the children about road safety.

Over last week we prepared for Halloween party. The children baked different types of biscuits and scones as well as making Halloween decorations to make the Nursery look very spooky!  The children also enjoyed learning about Halloween traditions.

Following on from Halloween, we have decided our next topic will be “Multiculturalism” to celebrate the uniqueness of our children and the cultures that they have brought into our Nursery. Not only will we be celebrating the uniqueness of each child, we will also discuss how everyone should be treated equally whatever their cultural background.