Rabbits & Foxes News October 2016

Rabbits and Foxes News October 2016

fullsizerender2Happy Birthday to Callum who turned 4 this month!

We have been learning all about Space this month, which has been really interesting. Our core text has been ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. Ash has been doing lots of different activities for this including puppet shows, creating our own patterned underpants and making our own space passports!

The Rabbits have been learning a lot about the Solar System and in particular the Sun. We have been looking at different diagrams of the Solar System and learning about the different planets – our favourites seem to be Mars, Earth and Jupiter! The children are showing an understanding that the sun is at the centre of our Solar System and have enjoyed drawing their own versions of it, making sure to draw the planets at the correct distance from the sun!

fullsizerender3We have also been discussing who we would be taking with us if we were to go to space in order to keep us safe and comfortable, as well as items that we consider essential! The children have been creating lots of rockets using different materials (junk modelling, Lego, objects in the garden etc) and have enjoyed doing some energetic space themed exercises!

As well as this, we have been practicing our name recognition through different games. First the children had to find their name in different areas around the room; then they played Name Snap where they had to pair their names up with each other. Finally, we have been colouring-in our names and practicing writing them on white boards with paint and crayons.

img_9504The Foxes have been focussing on Autumn and their colours this month. They have been on a few trips out to the park to collect various leaves and sticks in order to create some lovely Autumn pictures for our display in the Garden Room. Whilst out and about, they have been discussing which colours they could spot and they are doing very well! They have also been joining in with our Space topic – they have been using tinfoil, paint and paper plates to create their own moons and planets.

fullsizerender1We also had a Halloween themed Zoo Lab visit where we got to meet and learn about snails, frogs, a snake, cockroaches and other creepy crawlies.

The Rabbits have started their new block of Forest Schools. This week we were at the Meadows and Sciennes woods to work on our teamwork skills and to facilitate some boundaries – we all did really well. Next week we will be off to Blackford Pond.





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