Rabbits and Foxes News June 2017

Happy Birthday to Sarah who turned 3 this month, as well Alex and Elliot who turned 5!

image1We are very sad to have started saying our goodbyes to some of our Preschoolers who are off on their new adventures in P1! We will miss them all a lot.

 The past month it has been all about the Summer Show production of Alice in Wonderland. The children worked so incredibly hard to learn their lines, songs and to make all of the props and they really pulled off a fantastic show. Everyone is so proud of them! As well as the show ,we have been discussing the transition up to school. The children have been enjoying dressing up in various different school uniforms as well as lightly learning about what some of their new routine will be like.

The Rabbits really enjoyed their sessions of Forest Schools at Blackford Pond. Some days were pretty rainy and some were really hot – no matter what the weather we still had a great time! We are also absolutely loving our visits to the Glencairn Care Home. The residents and staff there are all wonderful. We also enjoyed having the residents and a few carers come visit us at Nursery for a dress rehearsal of our show.

IMG_5598Both the Rabbits and Foxes have been enjoying their new reward system. The Balls in a Jar have really been working and the children have been working so so hard to fill up their jar and get a reward of their choice!

This month some of the Rabbits attended an Eco Drama workshop at our Pilrig nursery. It went really well and the children were all keen to take part in the games and learn more about recycling, in particular the three Rs- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!The Foxes have been busy learning their colours through paint mixing activities and messy play in the garden.

image1As well as this, they have been practicing their fine motor skills by using pincers to pick up small objects and move them from one place to another. The Foxes have absolutely loved our water play in the garden also. We have had different runs and toys out in the water and the children have been imaginative about where to put the water runs!

Our Sports Day was an absolute blast! We did an Egg and Spoon Race; Sack Race; Throwing Bean Bags; Sprint Race and to finish off a fantastic Three Legged race! Thank you to everyone who came along and most importantly the children for being fantastic athletes!