Rabbits and Foxes News July 2018

Happy birthday to Sebastian who turned 3 and Myles who turned 4 in July!

A big welcome goes to Theia, Iggi and Eva who moved up to the Foxes group this month. Their settles have been going very well and they are now enjoying being with their new friends on the ground floor.

IMG_5658For the month of July, because lots of children are on holiday, we put a hold on our formal planning and instead focused on doing Responsive Planning and providing experiences and continuous provision based around the children’s immediate needs and interests. Naturally the children were keen to be talking about summer and Summer Holidays. The girls thought of many exciting experiences to do with the children, including looking at the world map and discussing where on holiday the children have been, or would like to go. From this we moved on to creating objects that we would take on our holidays from our junk modelling and arts boxes. The Rabbits and Foxes all especially enjoyed making flip flops from ribbon and cardboard!

We have also been going on lots of trips, managing to get some of the children in a mixed age group out every single day. The children have all been enjoying going to the Meadows Park, to the Sciennes Woods or to Mini Zoomers at the Summerhall for sensory session.

IMG_5705We resumed our formal planning at the end of July. Since we are welcoming new children to our floor we thought it would be a good idea to do an “All About Me” topic. This would allow the children to learn about their bodies as well as allowing the children and staff to get to know each other that little bit better. When having the floor books discussions on what the children already know and what they would like to learn, the Rabbits said that they didn’t only want to learn about themselves but about others also, so we changed the title of the topic to “All About Us” to fit in with their interests. For the foreseeable weeks we will be learning all about our bodies; how we can move them; discussing the difference we can see between each other; as well learning more in depth about our senses. From this the children also expressed an interest in doctors and fire fighters so we will be incorporating “People Who Help Us” into this, should the children still find it an interesting topic.

July has been a fantastic month for us all on the ground floor with lots of different, interesting experiences going on and we now look forward to the exciting learning that is to be had in August!