Rabbits and Foxes News August 2018

Happy birthday to Peter has turned 4 this month!

We very sadly said goodbye to some of our children who went off to school or to their school nurseries. However we have also said a big welcome to Mila who started with us in the Rabbits group.

IMG_5632At the end of July, the Rabbits and Foxes started the topic “All About Us”. Through this topic, the children enjoyed lots of creative and interesting activities that help them to discover and learn more about their bodies. With the introduction of our (fake!) skeleton – which the children named Maggie – we were able to go into some finer detail about our bones and how we are able to move them. We were then able to further facilitate this by playing different movement games in the garden. The children then moved on to learn where all the different organs go and placed the organ names on Maggie.

The Rabbits enjoyed talking about everyone’s height, eye and hair colour to put into charts. We looked at how everyone looks a bit different, and had valuable discussions on everyone being treated the same even when we all look different.

Both the Rabbits and the Foxes learned about their senses and enjoyed different sensory experiences to stimulate them. In the first week we focused on taste; in the second we did smell; in the third touch; and in the final week we focussed on sound. The children experienced tasting different types of food; touching things with different textures without seeing them and being asked to describe how this felt; they also listened to different animal and nature sounds and tried to identify these.

In September, we look forward to getting started with our next topic which will be “People Who Help Us”.