Rabbits and Foxes News April 2019

A massive welcome goes to Keir and Mila who started with us on the Ground Floor this month.

Happy birthday to Devin who has turned 4 this month!

IMG_2390What an amazing month we have had in April. This month has been all about Spring and the life cycle where the children have been partaking in a range of experiences to help them to better understand Spring. They have been exploring plants (as well as planting them) in order to learn all of their main components, as well as what they need to survive. The Rabbits have also been looking at fact books to learn about Spring time – they decided which book they thought would be helpful, and why, before starting to learn the important parts of the book (ie front cover, title etc) and finally enjoying the facts that they could find. We have also managed to further facilitate their Numeracy skills by using the natural resources we have found in the garden and out on trips to help us create number lines which we then used to sequence, represent quantities and further develop our ability to recognise the numbers.

IMG_2369The Rabbits and Foxes also did a small piece on the Christian story of Easter, which was very interesting. They learned about how Jesus died and came back to life – resurrected – in order to help humans do more good deeds. As part of this lesson we created a wonderful Easter garden where we made caves, animals and people out of clay and planted lots of seed to represent the story we had heard.

Now that the good weather has finally arrived the Rabbits and Foxes have been enjoying a lot of water play in the garden! We have been filling any container we can with water and using all sorts of messy materials to give us the most fun water play we have had for a while. We have also been incorporating our Loose Parts play into this where we have left pipes, crates, stands, balls and other random materials for the children to build with – it has always turned out to be a ball or water run! It has been incredibly rewarding to see the children effectively using the loose parts and blocks to work together and build extravagant structures and then using their problem solving skills to work out how to further develop them or fix any issues.

IMG_2416Unfortunately we had to miss out on 2 weeks’ worth of Tatty Bumpkins and Enjoy-A-Ball for the Easter holidays but we are all mega excited to get these classes back up and running again – they are great for the children’s development and it is a huge plus that the children appear to love their sessions.

Next for us on the Ground Floor – once the children feel they have finished learning about plants and Spring – looks like we will be starting to look at “Transport”. The children have been showing a growing interest in aeroplanes, trains, buses and bikes so we very much look forward to seeing how we can develop this into future learning in May!