Foxes News February 2015

Foxes News February 2015

park febThis month at Meadows Nursery has been really exciting for us. We have had two new friends join the Foxes, Mia and Giacomo. Mia and Giacomo started towards the end of the month and we are very excited to get to know them and show them all of the things that we do at nursery.

We have been going on lots of adventures to the park over by the Meadows this month. We have had lots of fun playing on the swings, the slide and running around playing hide and seek. We also took a picnic with us and had our snack there too, we took a blanket for us to sit on and we even had a drink of hot chocolate to heat us up. We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to the next time, we even said that Mickey and Millie can come next time to play.

daffodil febWe have a new display in the Garden Room and we have made it our Spring display even though it is not quite spring yet. We couldn’t wait to make baby animals, daffodils and other spring creations for our wall display.

baking feb




At the end of the month we had our tea party. We have been busy making chocolate chip cookies and we can’t wait to try them. When we are doing baking we all know to put on our apron and wash our hands. We got very “sticky” and “messy” when mixing the mixture together. We all helped to add the ingredients together and mix them. Baking is one of our favourite activities at nursery.

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