Nursery News October 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News October 2016

Outdoor Clothing

Could we please ask that children come to nursery with suitable outdoor clothing including wellies and waterproofs if possible. We have our garden open in all weathers and have a limited supply of spare wellies and waterproofs. Our garden is open from 8am so we would appreciate if Rabbits & Foxes could bring their coats, hats and gloves into the Busy Bug room with them.

Policy of the Month

Our policy of the month for November is Infection Control.  Parents are advised not to bring their child to nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, chicken pox, measles or any other infectious virus or disease. Children are allowed to return to nursery when they have recovered and the infectious stage of the disease is over.

Parent Involvement

Thank you to Leo’s Mum and Dad, Alex & Gabriela, for coming in and spending time with the Rabbits and Foxes. The children were all really interested in listening to Alex’s experiences as a photographer and learning about his camera equipment, especially the drone! The children had lots of fun waving torches and glow sticks around in the dark flower room while Alex photographed them and then showed the children the light effects they had made.

Thanks also to Krishna’s parents, Radhika & Shishir, who came in to spend time with us to tell the children all about Diwali! Radhika & Shishir also presented the nursery with a lovely Diwali gift of a beautiful cushion which the children all love and is displayed in the Tree Room. Lizzie has since been teaching the children the Diwali song which Radhika & Shishir told us about.


Our Zoolab visit went very well! The Foxes and Rabbits sat really well as we listened to the Halloween story and learned about the animals. We got to touch (if we wanted to) and look at a snake, toads, snails, tarantula, cockroach & a millipede. All of the children were very good at remembering to wash their hands afterwards!

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

We have continued to spend time over at the Meadows this month to gather leaves and natural materials for our displays and messy play. The Foxes had great fun decorating their pumpkin with leaves, paint and collage materials!

The Rabbits went to the museum to see what they could learn about space! The children have really enjoyed this topic and have been learning about living in space and our solar system.

The Hedgehogs have been to Zoom club at Summerhall this month. The children enjoyed exploring autumn materials and flour as well as the musical instruments!


Music sessions with Lizzie have been going very well. Lizzie will be playing piano as well as her guitar and we will soon be learning songs for our Nativity play!


We would like to Welcome Caitlin to Meadows Nursery. Caitlin will be working with all age groups as part of her induction and will be studying for her childcare qualification in due course.

Diary Dates

Parent Forum                        Thursday 24 November

Eco Committee          Friday 25 November



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