Nursery News February 2019

Lost Property

Could we please ask parents to ensure that all of their child’s clothes are labeled with their child’s name. This will help to ensure that clothing does not get mixed up and placed on the wrong pegs or in the lost property box. Can we please remine everyone that this box is kept in the front hall and is emptied on a fortnightly basis.

Parent Participation

We are planning on having a spring planting day and would like to invite parents to join us. Please let us know if this would be of interest to you.

We are always looking for parents/grandparents/siblings etc to come and read a story/sing a song or share a talent with us. This can take place any day and time that is suitable for you, so if you would ever like to come in and share something with the children, please speak to a member of staff and we can organise this.

Curricular Experiences at Meadows Nursery Pilrig

We have recently started our dance sessions with Kirsty which we have been really enjoying. Our current block takes place on Tuesday mornings and we hope to rotate the day for our next block so that more children have the opportunity to take part.

Last month we learnt about the different countries and cultures in our world. Our food tasting experience was a big hit, as was listening to music from around the world and visiting the library to find books about different countries and cultures. We used the books and Ipads to research flags and explored patterns and prints while making our flags for the Flower Room. Our next topic will be dinosaurs and volcanoes! We are really looking forward to learning more about dinosaurs and past events, we are particularly interested in learning about how the dinosaurs became extinct!

The Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been spending time exploring Pilrig Park. We have been developing our gross motor skills on the large play equipment as well as collecting natural resources to explore with our loose parts play.

Our Care Home trips continue to take place weekly.  This month we have been making lots of crafts with the residents including Chinese lanterns as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations and Valentine cards for Valentine’s day.

E-learning Journals

It was mentioned at our parents forum that some parents are unaware that parents can also upload photos and videos to their child’s journal. This is particularly useful in the Rabbits room for children who wish to share their weekend adventures or holiday photos with their friends and teachers and helps build the link between home and nursery.

Outdoor Space

You may have noticed that we have removed our old garden equipment shed that was past its best and increased our garden playspace! This new space allows the children access to the area around the Den decking which will enhance overall communication between our younger and older children. We now have a new smaller garden toolshed on the opposite side of the garden.