Nursery News December 2018

What we have been up to

In December the Rabbits &Foxes have been continuing their topic of Multiculturalism. So far the children have been enjoying practicing their 2D and 3D shapes – through looking at buildings from around the world. This learning has been further facilitated by using different materials (such as building blocks, shape mats, etc) to allow the children to construct their own buildings! As well as this, we have been learning how to say “hello” in different languages for our Letter of the Week. The children really enjoyed learning “Jingle Bells” in Spanish, as well as the first verse of “Silent Night” in French; which they then sang as Christmas Carols for their Christmas Party!

The Hedgehogs have been really focusing on their Christmas Crafts! They were busy exploring different materials to decorate cars, calendars and baubles to give as a gift to their parents. When the weather hasn’t been too cold or wet the children have also enjoyed their time in the garden playing with the cars, bikes and even making a big ball run using half pipes and stands!

Our Christmas parties were a huge success. The Hedgehogs enjoyed having a sitdown party snack and a Sing-A-Long in the Tree Room! They then had their presents handed out and the party finished off with some balloon fun. It was a busy party and it was lovely to see the children and parents enjoying themselves.

The Rabbits &Foxes had a Christmas Fair and Carols party. For this we had a rolling snack and then some craft stations set up for the children and parents to participate in. We had some cupcake decorating; paper chains; Santa stars; and finally building mini Ginger Bread Houses. We then sang our Carols in the back garden, before Tricky Ricky came to do his magic show! We then finished off with a visit from Santa who handed out the children’s presents.

Extra Curricular Experiences

The Rabbits have continued to enjoy their Enjoy-A-Ball sessions at the Meadows. This class is great fun and helps the children to develop their gross motor skills as well as their hand-eye-coordination.

The oldest Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Foxes have also been enjoying their weekly yoga adventures with Tatty Bumpkin! They have been going all around the world with Tatty and they also has a special Christmas Adventure.

We have been continuing some mini Forest Schools sessions over at Sciennes with our youngest Rabbits. They have all really enjoyed having some more time out in the nature and enjoyed building dens!


We are sorry to be saying goodbye to Urska at the end of the year. We would like to thank Urska for her hard work over the last few months and wish her the best of luck in the future.

In the New Year we will be welcoming a couple of new Staff members to Meadows Nursery – keep an eye out for their bio’s on the Foyer door!


We would like to please ask parents if you are planning to have your child absent from Nursery for holidays it would be very helpful if you could please pop an email to the Nursery instead of telling a staff member in the room. The staff sometimes forget because they are busy with the children and it just allows us to better plan our days. Thank you in advance.