Rabbits & Foxes Newsletter June 2017

The Rabbits and Foxes have been very busy this month!

IMG_5680Our topic this month has been Getting Ready for School, which has excited our preschoolers. We have had visits from their new teachers and we have been having lots of discussion times with the children. June also saw our Summer Show and Graduation which was very successful. The children did a brilliant performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. There were lots of smiles and laughter from the children and all the parents and families that came along to watch. We would like to say a big thank you to you all for the costumes provided and all the practising that has taken place at home. A special thanks to our music teacher Roanna who provided the music for the show by playing along with the piano. The team have worked very hard to plan and prepare for the show with one of our staff members generously taking the time to hand paint our backdrops for the show. Our preschoolers are now Meadows Nursery Graduates. The children wore their caps and gowns for the ceremony and were presented with their diplomas.  They were very brave and told the audience what they would like to be when they grow up. It was a lovely day shared with the children, family and staff and we will miss the children so very much.

We had our Sports Day over in Pilrig Park and it was lots of fun. The lovely ‘Enjoy-a-ball’ coaches led the activities and the children gave it their all. We had races in which the children had to concentrate on their speed, balance and movement. All children were presented with a gold medal for doing so well, and to finish off we had a lovely picnic snack all together.

IMG_5603The nursery has started up a new partnership this month with Victoria Manor care home. For the next few weeks a group of children will be visiting the residents of the care home and doing activities with them. So far our children have performed some of their songs from their Summer Show, made some cards for the residents and also baked with them. Within the nursery we have been holding foorbook discussions about caring for the elderly and by using what the children tell us, we can gain ideas to build relationships between young and old.

A group of children from our sister nursery at Millerfield Place came over to see us as we had a visit from ‘Bag Girl’ from the Ecodrama team. The Bag Girl taught the children all about how to save the environment from the ‘rubbish monsters’. The children loved it! They learnt about the 3Rs, Recycle, Re-use and Reduce. After talking about recycling, each of the children had a go at sorting out different materials in the correct boxes. The workshop was a great follow up to our ‘Eco week’, where the children, as well as learning about the environment, carried out a travel survey to find out how we all get to nursery. Using the data collected the children created a graph to display their findings.