Squirrels News September 2017

The Squirrels are all enjoying playing with their new friend, Harper!

IMG_1407 (2)As we are now approaching Autumn and the weather will soon start to become cooler, could we please ask parents to check that their child has a pair of wellies and a waterproof suit (which is labelled) in the nursery.

This month our topic has been All About Me. As part of this topic, we have been learning the names of our body parts such as hands, elbows, knees etc. We have been painting our hands and printing them onto paper. We have also looked at the size of our hands, counting how many fingers we have, looking at the colour of our hair and eyes and discussing how we are all different.

IMG_1394Outside in the garden, we have been joining in with the Rabbits circle games and have learnt some new games such as Honey Bear and Sandy Girl/Boy. We have been learning to take turns and have been joining in and waiting patiently until it is our turn in the middle.

At Squirrel time, we have been looking at dinosaurs, using stencils to draw and colour the dinosaurs. We have also used small model dinosaurs to learn the names of the dinosaurs and we have been learning where dinosaurs lived and what they ate.

At lunch time all the children have made their own placemat which we decorated with pens and crayons. The placemats also have each child’s name and photo to help them start to recognise their own name. The children are all very good at finding their own mat and sitting in that seat.