Hedgehogs & Squirrels News October 2018

IMG_4098We are pleased to welcome Erica, Paddy, Oran and Ryan to the nursery, all of whom are settling in well.

This month we enjoyed some Halloween crafts, with the children mark-making using paint, brushes and their fingers! The children also explored the inside of their pumpkins, using their hands and also exploring using their mouths. The children helped to add the pumpkin seeds to a bottle to make a new sensory shaker. For Halloween we had a dress up day, dancing and had great fun playing with the balloons.

We also had a few trips to the park this month which the children really enjoy, particularly the swings.

Some of the younger babies are now starting to take steps and we have been giving them lots of praise and encouragement.

IMG_4177In the Tree Room we have learning about Autumn, on our trips to the park we looked for signs of Autumn such as the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. We collected as many different coloured leaves and sticks as we could find and made them into Autumn collages that are displayed on our Autumn display. We also used the leaves for printing by painting the bottom of the leaves, pressing them onto paper then carefully peeled them off to leave a leave print behind.

We introduced a playdough station with lots of ingredients such as flour, colouring, salt, different scents, spoons and bowls. We also experimented mixing all the ingredients together and making different textured playdough.

In preparation for our Halloween tea party we listened to Halloween songs and learned new dances – our favourite is The Haunted House! We were busy making decorations such as spooky ghosts, broomsticks, 3D spider webs, spiders and pictures of pumpkins. We carved pumpkins in the garden and used the pulp and seeds to make witches potion in the messy play trays.