Hedgehogs & Squirrels Newsletter June 2017

We are very pleased to welcome Otis to Meadows this month and to Ossian who has returned for the summer!

IMG_0951The Hedgehogs & Squirrels have been spending most of their time outdoors this month, with the water play proving to be very popular. We have extended this with new water trays that can also be used for messy play, and more pipes and basins. We have been filling up empty bottles and trays and pouring it into the pipes.  We have also had lots of stories in the garden, looking at the books by ourselves and in small groups.  We are going to continue the stories in the garden by making our own picture books and adding props to our story box.

Our seasonal display is now Summer! The Squirrels have been talking about going holiday and going to the beach so we will continue to discuss this and make various items to add to our summer display. Please remember you can add photos from holidays or weekends in the wider achievements in the online journals and we can look at these in the nursery.

The Squirrels have been focussing on numbers, using number flashcards to recognise the numbers and using wooden blocks to count how high they can build the tower. Every week they have been singing a different song with counting in the song, such as 5 Little Ducks & Once I Caught a Fish Alive.