Hedgehogs & Squirrels News February 2019

In the Month of February we have been making some new friends in the Den and some of our old friends have moved to the Tree Room.

We have been making the most of the nicer weather and spending lots of time in the garden, exploring the sand tray and the tunnel and tent. We also made an obstacle course which has been encouraging our gross motor skills. We also enjoyed a trip to the park which is only a few minutes away in our buggies.









We have been helping to make playdough and chose a different colour for each day of the week. Our favourite colour this week was red! We also used the playdough moulds and rollers to make this exciting!

Our books are a regular feature and our current favourite is the ‘Monkey and Me’ story which we read every day!

For Valentine’s Day, we cut potatoes into heart shapes and put them into the paint to create heart shapes onto paper to make cards.

The children have been gluing and sticking with all different shapes and sizes of paper to create collages.









This month in the Tree room, the Squirrels have also been making the most of the nicer weather and using the garden a lot. They have enjoyed exploring the new play area at the back of the garden where they can interact with the babies and the younger Squirrels have been spending lots of time in the sand pit, using the diggers, buckets and spades to create holes and sandcastles.

image1Stories have also been very popular this month. We have our story den out in the garden which is a nice cosy area for the children to sit and listen to stories and, in the playroom, the children have been relaxing on the new beanbags in the story corner looking at books with their friends.

More of the Hedgehogs are joining us in the Tree Room. They have been doing their settles over the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed exploring both playrooms and the big garden.