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Hedgehogs News April 2019

Hedgehogs News April 2019

This month the Hedgehogs have been focusing on Spring time and Easter. At the beginning of the month, the children have been looking at the animals that come during Spring time and they have made their own little sheep and birds using lots of different materials. The children also enjoyed making Easter cards, decorating their own eggs and even taking part in some baking where we made chocolate nests.

IMG_1533In the Tree Room the children have been enjoying playing with the babies, dressing them up and pushing them and carrying them around the room. The children have also been interested in playing with the jigsaws where they were attempting to match the pictures and shapes together. We have had the tents and tunnels out with the plastic balls where the children were enjoying throwing the balls into the tents and trying to catch them.

Outside the children have been enjoying the warmer weather and have been practising their balance using the scooters. The children have also been out on some outings to the play park with the older boys and girls from downstairs.

We would like to welcome Evie, Ella and Finn to the Hedgehogs!


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Hedgehogs News March 2019

Hedgehogs News March 2019

IMG_1254This month the Hedgehogs have been interested in mark making and building.

In the Animal Room the children have been busy creating different patterns and textures using the stickle bricks and duplo in the paint. The children have also been busy creating telescopes and Mother’s Day cards.




In the Tree Room the children have been showing an interest in the giant blocks and fabrics, finding different ways to build with the blocks and using the ramps as a slide. With the giant blocks the children have also been using them to pretend they are instruments and have been banging them off the floor. The Hedgehogs have also been exploring the different fabrics and have been using them to create dens and to hide under them.

We would like to welcome Catriona, Swara, Lucie and Hunter to the Hedgehogs!

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Hedgehogs News February 2019

Hedgehogs News February 2019

IMG_0817This month the Hedgehogs have shown great interest in sensory play using shaving foam which they experimented with to make foamy pictures and various colours of paint mixed together. In  the garden, they focused on their physical development and enjoyed rolling, throwing and kicking the balls.

We have also celebrated and got creative for Chinese New Year by making masks for the Year of the Pig and dancing to Chinese music.

IMG_1010Meadows Park is the perfect place to be during the lovely spring weather. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful swing park just a few minutes away from the nursery.

We are very pleased to welcome Clara who joined us this month and to shout out a big “Happy Birthday” to Carys who has just turned a mighty 1 year old.


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Hedgehogs News December 2018

Hedgehogs News December 2018

The month of December has been filled with Christmas activities. The Hedgehogs have been so busy creating Christmas gifts, cards and paintings using Christmas sponges and stamps.

Our main focus has been stacking toys such as bricks, wooden rainbow set and the shiny decahedrons. Everybody enjoyed stacking them as high as they could, only to knock them over and then start again! All the Hedgehogs have been able to concentrate on these activities for long periods of time and further develop their problem-solving skills, motor skills as well as their social skills.

Building has also been a big interest of the children these past few weeks and they have used a variety of different toys and objects to create buildings of all shapes and sizes.

We have also sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Elise and James who have both now turned a mighty 1 year!

The Hedgehogs and all of the Meadows Staff would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to seeing everybody again in 2019!

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Hedgehogs News October 2018

Hedgehogs News October 2018

IMG_0096The Hedgehogs have had a fun-packed month full of tactile messy play for which we used a huge variety of materials and objects like sponges, leaves, conkers and sticks. The children enjoyed being able to create different patterns and marks as well as exploring the textures on their hands and faces.

We also explored the change in weather by jumping in puddles in the garden and collecting natural recourses in the park, watching the changes from the window and using all the natural materials to create our art work.

IMG_0104Balls have been our focus in the garden so we could further develop our rolling, kicking and catching skills and we also used hockey sticks and golf clubs to improve our aiming skills and hand to eye coordination.

Everybody had a great time at the Halloween party dancing, singing and enjoying party food. The children were very well behaved and had so much fun. A big thank you to all the parents who managed to join us for some madness!

IMG_0176Last but not least we would like to say a big Happy 2nd Birthday to Izabella, Reuben and Paddy and welcome our new Staff member Desi who will be a very big help with the Hedgehogs.




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Hedgehogs News September 2018

Hedgehogs News September 2018

IMG_9881The Hedgehogs’ main interest for the last few weeks has been mark-making with different tools and we will continue this a little longer as the Hedgehogs still find objects to create marks with.

Another big interest are the little cars and the children use a variety of different props for their play such as half pipes and boxes which serve as ramps and garages. This interest ties in nicely with making marks for which we can also use cars rolled in paint and continue another focus of colour recognition and sorting. For this the children have also been using a box with holes cut in to put balls through – this was great for fine motor skills as well as colour recognition.

FullSizeRenderAs the weather is now changing the Hedgehogs will have the chance to collect objects like conkers, leaves and sticks when out for a walk which they can then incorporate into their tactile messy play.

The Hedgehogs have also had the opportunity to go on lots of trips, including book bug sessions at the library as well as some energetic play at the park.

Over the next few weeks we will celebrate Paddy’s, Izabella’s and Reuben’s 2nd Birthdays.



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Hedgehogs News August 2018

Hedgehogs News August 2018

The Hedgehogs are showing a lot of interest in mark-making and have been using chalk, dry markers, crayons and sticks in the sand to get creative with tiny circles, swirls and long lines. This type of activity helps to develop fine motor skills, as well as the children’s imagination and vocabulary.

We have also started a “Squash and a Squeeze” wall display as this is a very popular book with the Hedgehogs just now. Some of the older children can now “read” along with us as they remember lots of words, in this way developing their memory skills

Outside in the garden we are focusing on our gross motor skills and using the balancing beam, wobble boards, hula hoops and tyres to learn different body movements, hand to eye coordination, turn-taking and sharing.

The Hedgehogs are also very interested in role play just now and we spent a lot of time in the house corner, cooking and dressing up in dresses and hats.






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Hedgehogs News July 2018

Hedgehogs News July 2018

IMG_9241The Hedgehogs have been doing lots of fun and interesting things this month. They’ve been enjoying the warm weather in the garden by playing with the outdoor water tray and they get very excited when their teachers put sun cream and sun hats on them.



IMG_9247The children are very interested in drawing on the chalkboards in the Animal Room. They also enjoyed lots of painting and gluing this month in free flow play, and they are also interested in sticking objects in playdough and getting them unstuck.

In the Tree Room the children have taken to regularly sitting down with books or asking their teachers to read books to them. They are also playing more with the toy babies and enjoy looking after them and feeding them food from the house corner.

IMG_9213The Hedgehogs have been on several trips to the Meadows Park this month as the weather has been lovely. They have been enjoying looking at the different cars, buses and lorries on our walk over and all the different activities the park has to offer.







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Hedgehogs News June 2018

Hedgehogs News June 2018

IMG_8642This month we have welcomed little Kostas into the baby room and celebrated Isabel’s and Nicolai’s 2nd birthday!

Our main focus this month with the Hedgehogs has been the development of their gross motor skills and hand to eye coordination. We created obstacle courses in the garden which included balancing beams, flat stilts and hula hoops as well as balls and tyres. This gave the Hedgehogs the opportunity to practice their balancing, kicking, rolling, throwing and pushing skills. Everybody seemed to enjoy these various activities and everybody’s preferences and skills were taken into account.

The children have also enjoyed playing with water in the garden, pouring water over their hands, down pipes and experiencing its cold and wet properties.

IMG_8746Our messy and sensory experiences were all about using materials to create patterns like cotton wool, bubblewrap and sponges as well as rosemary and sage twigs which we also incorporated into our playdough. A lot of the Hedgehogs showed an interest in smelling the herb twigs and rubbing them between their fingers, so we created little sensory bags with a variety of scents.

Times flies when you’re having fun and we’re now almost half way through the year.

Let’ see what July will bring!





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Hedgehogs News May 2018

Hedgehogs News May 2018

Congratulations to Thomas who has become a big brother to a little baby girl.

IMG_1633The Hedgehogs have been very interested in dinosaurs at the moment. There have been lots of new books in the tree room and “Ten Little Dinosaurs” has been very popular.  Some of the Hedgehogs have been joining in at various parts of the story, which helps to develop their vocabulary.  They have enjoyed dinosaur play using the water tray and the sandpit and making salt dough by measuring flour and salt, stirring and kneading. This all helps to develop fine motor skills and have fun at the same time!  The children also used junk and lots of gluing materials to create a collage from the story “Ten Little Dinosaurs”.

Out in the garden the kitchen area has been very popular. The Hedgehogs have been sitting on deck chairs, preparing bowls and cups for one another.  They have been transporting sand into bowls and cups and pretending to eat/drink from them, all of which is great imaginary role play.

IMG_1548Some Hedgehogs have been experimenting with drain pipes using water as well as toys and animals, placing them at the top of the drain then watching them whoosh down the pipe. They took turns nicely, showing good relationships amongst the Hedgehogs.

In the Animal Room the hedgehogs have been doing various messy gluing using sand and oats to create their own individual pieces of art. Some of the hedgehogs particularly seemed to enjoy the coloured oats and transferred it to mix in with the playdough, great fun.

The Hedgehogs have also been on trips to the play park at the Meadows with the Foxes & Rabbits, enjoying being with the older children & siblings in a fun outdoor environment.

Some of our older Hedgehogs joined in Tatty Bumpkins downstairs. This was a positive experience for them to join in with the older children before they make the transition to go downstairs.  Tatty Bumpkin includes yoga, music and story telling that helps the children to develop fine/gross motor skills, balance and listening skills.






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