Nursery News November 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News November 2016

Care Inspection Report

The Care Inspectorate report of their recent inspection is available and has been emailed to parents. We are very pleased to advise that we have received “Very Good” gradings across all four categories and the report includes a number of very complimentary comments from parents (and children!).

Thanks again to all parents who completed feedback forms and spoke to the inspector. Thanks also to all the staff for their hard work in achieving this very positive outcome.

Policy of the Month

Our policy of the month for December is Safe Internet use and this will be issued to all parents. The Internet is now regarded as an essential resource to support teaching and learning and Computer skills are vital to accessing life-long learning and employment. It is important for children to learn to be e-safe from an early age and the Nursery can play a vital part in starting this process.

Book Week

We celebrated Scottish Book Week at the nursery in the last week of November. Over the course of the week the children brought in books from home to read with their friends and teachers. Our dress-up day went well and the children enjoyed showing off their book character outfit!

We would like to say thank you to William’s mum Eva for coming in and spending time reading to the Rabbits and Foxes in both Polish and English!

Forest Schools

We are coming up to the last week of Forest Schools for 2016. The children have had great fun going on the 41 bus and spending time exploring at Blackford pond, especially on the muddy hill! We will be resuming Forest Schools next year and plan to take the Foxes and younger Rabbits to the woodland at Sciennes for shorter Forest Schools sessions as well as taking the older Rabbits to Blackford pond.


We would like to welcome back Angela to Meadows Nursery at Millerfield Place. Angela has been with Meadows Nursery since 2006 and moved to Pilrig when it opened in 2014. Angela will be working from 9:30 to 3:30 on the ground floor with the Rabbits & Foxes.

Reverse Advent Calendar

Christmas is fast approaching and we have decided that we will collect for a local food bank using a reverse advent calendar. The idea is that the basket is added to every day in December and before Christmas we will take it to a local foodbank. Foodbanks take tinned food, items which have long shelf life, pasta etc but also toiletries so whatever you wish to donate would be great, even if every family and staff member donates one item we will have a good collection by the end of December.

Our reverse Advent Calendar is now in the front hall.

Diary Dates

Thursday 15 December Nativity & Christmas Party (Rabbits & Foxes at church, Hedgehogs party at nursery)

Thursday 22 December Nursery Closes (at 6pm)

Wednesday 4 January Nursery Reopens (at 8am)


Nursery News October 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News October 2016

Outdoor Clothing

Could we please ask that children come to nursery with suitable outdoor clothing including wellies and waterproofs if possible. We have our garden open in all weathers and have a limited supply of spare wellies and waterproofs. Our garden is open from 8am so we would appreciate if Rabbits & Foxes could bring their coats, hats and gloves into the Busy Bug room with them.

Policy of the Month

Our policy of the month for November is Infection Control.  Parents are advised not to bring their child to nursery if they are suffering from sickness, diarrhoea, chicken pox, measles or any other infectious virus or disease. Children are allowed to return to nursery when they have recovered and the infectious stage of the disease is over.

Parent Involvement

Thank you to Leo’s Mum and Dad, Alex & Gabriela, for coming in and spending time with the Rabbits and Foxes. The children were all really interested in listening to Alex’s experiences as a photographer and learning about his camera equipment, especially the drone! The children had lots of fun waving torches and glow sticks around in the dark flower room while Alex photographed them and then showed the children the light effects they had made.

Thanks also to Krishna’s parents, Radhika & Shishir, who came in to spend time with us to tell the children all about Diwali! Radhika & Shishir also presented the nursery with a lovely Diwali gift of a beautiful cushion which the children all love and is displayed in the Tree Room. Lizzie has since been teaching the children the Diwali song which Radhika & Shishir told us about.


Our Zoolab visit went very well! The Foxes and Rabbits sat really well as we listened to the Halloween story and learned about the animals. We got to touch (if we wanted to) and look at a snake, toads, snails, tarantula, cockroach & a millipede. All of the children were very good at remembering to wash their hands afterwards!

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

We have continued to spend time over at the Meadows this month to gather leaves and natural materials for our displays and messy play. The Foxes had great fun decorating their pumpkin with leaves, paint and collage materials!

The Rabbits went to the museum to see what they could learn about space! The children have really enjoyed this topic and have been learning about living in space and our solar system.

The Hedgehogs have been to Zoom club at Summerhall this month. The children enjoyed exploring autumn materials and flour as well as the musical instruments!


Music sessions with Lizzie have been going very well. Lizzie will be playing piano as well as her guitar and we will soon be learning songs for our Nativity play!


We would like to Welcome Caitlin to Meadows Nursery. Caitlin will be working with all age groups as part of her induction and will be studying for her childcare qualification in due course.

Diary Dates

Parent Forum                        Thursday 24 November

Eco Committee          Friday 25 November



Nursery News September 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News September 2016

Door Security

We would like to ask parents to please be mindful of letting people into the building. On a few occasions, delivery men have gained access to the nursery by parents holding the door open for them. If you do notice somebody behind you trying to gain access to the building, we would be grateful if you could let a staff member know so we can greet them at the door.

This safety measure is to ensure that our children and staff are kept safe at all times.

Outdoor Clothing

Could we please ask that children come to nursery with suitable outdoor clothing including wellies and waterproofs if possible. We have our garden open in all weathers and have a limited supply of spare wellies and waterproofs.

Policy of the month

Our policy of the month for October will be Behaviour Management & Promoting positive behaviour. We believe in promoting positive behaviour in young children by setting clear limits, praising and rewarding good behaviour, adopting a consistent approach and demonstrating a calm and clear response to inappropriate behaviour.  Some of you may be aware that we have our ‘Kindness tree’ on the ground floor which we use for promoting positive behaviour. Children receive a leaf on the tree for acts of kindness and once they have collected 5 leaves they get to choose a prize such as getting to take their favourite toy home from nursery for the night. This has been working really well and the children have enjoyed helping to count the leaves on the tree at together times.

Lunch Provision

We are now receiving feedback on the lunch trial which concluded on Friday 30 September. The outcome of the consultation will be communicated to parents by Friday 7 October.

Parent Involvement

The Rabbits & Foxes really enjoyed having Remi’s dad Alfredo coming in to talk to us about his hobby tennis! Remi was great with the kids, showing them his tennis bag and equipment and showing them how to bounce the tennis balls etc. Please let us know if you would like to come in to spend time with either the Hedgehogs or Foxes & Rabbits, for example, to share your hobbies/ interests or to read the children a book (this could even be done in another language!)

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

We have spent some time over at the Meadows this month to gather leaves and natural materials for our displays and messy play. The Foxes spent lots of time choosing their leaves to paint and had lots of fun getting messy with the paint and glue!

Forest Schools has been going really well. The children have been taking lots of surveys of the environment and recording their findings using block charts. They have also been having lots of fun climbing up the muddy hill and making role play BBQs with the sticks they collected. Our new block of Forest Schools will commence on Monday 31st October.


We are happy to announce that Lizzie, who is studying music at university, will be returning to providing music sessions with her guitar for all the children at the nursery. Lizzie will be coming in twice a week and will spend time singing with the Hedgehogs on the middle floor as well as singing with the Foxes & Rabbits on the ground floor. Amongst other songs, Lizzie will sing our ‘Song of the Week’ to the children and will come in on a Monday & Friday morning at 10am.


We would like to say a big Congratulations to Sam who gave birth to baby Harry on 2 September. Both Sam and Harry are doing really well and have already been in to visit us!

We would like to Welcome Ash to Meadows Nursery. Ash is a fully qualified teacher and will be working on the ground floor with the Rabbits.

Sadly we are saying goodbye to Kadie & Chantelle. Kadie is moving to London to be closer to her family and Chantelle is moving on to work as a teacher with Edinburgh Council.

Diary Dates

The Rabbits & Foxes will be having a visit from Zoolab on Monday 24 October.

Our Halloween tea party will be on Friday 28 October. All children & siblings are welcome!



Nursery News August 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News August 2016

Doodle Poll

Thank you to all parents who took part in our Doodle poll to help establish a date for our next parent forum. The most popular date is Tuesday 6 September at 6pm. A sign-up sheet is displayed in the front hall for anyone who wishes to attend.

Managing Allergies in Nursery 

Thank you to parents for cooperating with our nut allergy policy and, as far as is possible, for ensuring that your child’s  lunch is nut free. Can we also ask that, when providing a birthday cake, or bringing in any other edible treats, that they are ideally “shop-bought” so that we can clearly see the ingredients and allergens. Should you wish to bring something homemade in to nursery, can we ask you please to provide a written list of ingredients.

Policy of the Month

Our policy of the month for September is Additional Support for Learning. Some children may require additional support at some point in their lives, or may have a long term additional support need, and Meadows will work alongside parents to support in line with the GIRFEC approach. Our Additional Support for learning co-ordinator is Kadie.

Lunch Provision

The Meadows at Pilrig kitchen has now been upgraded and we are currently planning the trial provision of lunch at Millerfield Place. We currently expect this to start in the week commencing 19 September or possibly 26 September. We thought it best to trial one floor at a time, so the first week will be the ground floor, followed by the middle floor the second week. Caroline, our nursery cook at Meadows at Pilrig, will be cooking a two course lunch which will be transported across in time for our usual lunchtime at 12 noon. The menu, which we will be emailing to you in advance of the trial, is on a 2 week rotation and generally consists of a soup & main course. Caroline has stressed that it can take time for the children to get used to the new arrangements and we can expect some children to sometimes refuse to eat some of the new lunch. However, we can expect an excellent high take up in due course as there is at Pilrig! We’d like to extend an invitation to all parents to join us for lunch any day (or days) over the 2 week trial period. Please just let us know whether you would like to come and we will update everyone on timings and detailed arrangements in due course.

Outdoor Learning in the Community 

Now that the Festival is over and everywhere is much less busy, we plan to resume our usual programme of trips. Our nursery is very well placed to access all of the fantastic local attractions and trips out are enjoyed by both the children and adults. If you ever have a spare morning or afternoon to help out with trips then we’d love to have you along! Our usual weekly outdoor learning programme is as follows:

  • Mondays: Swingpark / Meadows ( mainly younger children) or museum (mixed ages)
  • Tuesdays: Children’s Library trip to George IV bridge (mixed ages in groups of 8)
  • Wednesdays: Glencairn Care Home (mixed ages, group of same 6 children for 6 consecutive weeks)
  • Thursdays: Forest Schools (Blackford Pond or Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden). Same 8 children for 6 consecutive weeks.
  • Fridays: Tennis with Alex Harkins alongside the senior pupils of Sciennes Primary.

We also have weekly trips to the fruit shop as well as generally monthly trips to Clambers, at the RCP, and Mini Zoomers at Summerhall for mixed ages.


We have recently made some changes to our staffing.

Louise has led the middle floor for some time but is now working part-time so she has recently handed over the reins to Katie. Louise will continue to support Katie along with Chantelle, Carolann, Garazi & Irene.

Amy has asked to work from 9:30-4:30 Monday to Friday and will mostly be on the ground floor.

Keyworker groups will be updated shortly and parents will be notified of who their child’s keyworker will be.

Staff CPD

All the staff will be attending a refresher course on fire safety this month. Kathleen will also be attending a full day child protection course and Nadia will be attending a training course to learn more about ‘Building the Ambition’ curriculum which we use to plan for the 2 year olds on the ground floor.

Diary Dates

Our parent forum will be held on Tuesday 6 September at 6pm.


Nursery News July 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News July 2016

Doodle Poll

We have recently set up a doodle poll for our next parent forum date & time. We would appreciate parent’s input to allow us to choose a date that allows more people to attend in future.

Balance Bike Project

We were delighted to receive 2 balance bikes from The Bike Station Edinburgh as part of their Balance Bike Project. The project aims to provide nurseries in Edinburgh with balance bikes to encourage more children to use bikes. We have had lots of fun riding our new bikes and have been setting up circuits to cycle round, as well as having lots of discussions about the benefits of cycling and exercise.


We would like to respectfully ask parents to arrive at nursery by 5:50pm so that parents can receive a handover and allow staff to leave the nursery at 6pm.

Out & About

We have been spending time over at the Meadows park this month. The Rabbits, Foxes & older Hedgehogs have been having great fun climbing on the climbing frame and taking turns on the roundabout! Our younger Hedgehogs have been enjoying the swings as well as walks around the Meadows in the buggies.

We are looking forward to our next block of forest schools and care home visits as well as tennis starting up again after the holidays.

Children & Activities

We have had lots of water play this month to help cool us off on the hotter days! The Rabbits and Foxes have been using spray bottles with water to make patterns on the ground as well as brushes and water to mark-make in the garden!

We have also been learning about days of the week and seasons through our floor book planning and daily activities. We have been using our magnetic calendar at Together Time to discuss days, months, weather and seasons.

The Hedgehogs have been exploring ice & water this month, both indoors and in the garden. We have had lots of fun exploring the different shaped and coloured ice and loved to mix it around in the water and sand trays.

We are looking forward to the new term of Boogie Beat & Tatty Bumpkins starting after the holidays.


We will sadly be saying goodbye to Sam in August as she is heading off on maternity leave. We will all miss Sam lots, however, Sam will be returning next year along with her little one.

We will also be saying goodbye to Amy M who is leaving to work closer to home. Amy has worked at Meadows for 2 years and we would like to thank her for all her efforts over her time with us.

Staff CPD

All the staff will be attending a course on Curriculum for Excellence this month. We also had a visit from Kirsty Dobson from Edinburgh Council to discuss the Technologies area of the curriculum. We are looking forward to implementing lots of new ideas over the next few planning blocks.

Diary Dates

We will be holding a tea party on Friday 5 August from 2:30-4:30pm. Everyone is welcome!


Nursery News June 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News June 2016

Lunch Provision

We continue to progress with the upgrade to the Pilrig nursery kitchen which will provide the additional capacity to undertake the trial provision of lunches at Millerfield Place. This includes installation of a larger commercial dishwasher & additional catering sinks to meet the demands of cooking for more children. We expect to be in a position to undertake the trial before the end of the summer and we will keep you updated.

Out & About

We have been enjoying trips to the museum and library this month! The children have done really well sitting and listening to the stories from the librarians at the library and always enjoy choosing books for us to bring back to nursery.

Our Tennis lessons over in the Meadows have also been going really well. The children taking part are all becoming more confident each week and have enjoyed learning new skills.

The Hedgehogs have enjoyed walks around the Meadows and trips to the small park. The children love to explore the climbing frame and the little roundabout!

Children & Activities

The Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Foxes have continued to love taking part in Tatty Bumpkins and Boogie Beat which are carried out by Tara & Zoe. If you would like more details on these classes please let us know.

Our Rabbits did a great job performing their summer show! The children worked really hard to write the story and learn all the songs. They had lots of fun painting props and backdrops for their show.

We are looking forward to performing some of the songs for the care home residents when they visit on 1 July.


We are pleased to welcome Kadie who recently started as Deputy Manager. Kadie has a BA in Childhood and Youth Studies and was formerly Lead Person in the Pre School room at our sister nursery at Meadows Nursery at Pilrig. Kadie joined Meadows in early 2015 and will lead the ground floor as well s undertaking the Deputy Manager role.

We will sadly be saying goodbye to Rebecca at the end of July. Rebecca is leaving us to move back down south to be closer to her family.


Nursery News May 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News May 2016

The nicer weather has continued so we are still spending lots of time outside and have had a few picnic lunches in the garden! Can we please remind everyone to arrange for their children to have their own labelled sunhat and also suncream if you do not wish nursery suncream to be used.


We are very pleased to let you know that Kathleen has taken over the role of manager at the nursery. Kathleen has been doing a fantastic job these last few months carrying out all aspects of the role in a very calming and organised fashion! Kathleen will continue to be supported by Louise and Rebecca as floor leaders and Jen and the rest of the team. We wish her all the best in this new role.

Out & About

We will be starting a new block of our weekly visits to our local care home Glencairn and we are looking forward to getting to know the residents and taking part in activities such as drawing and making instruments with them.

We have concluded our block of Forest Schools trips to Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden. The children had lots of fun exploring the wildlife garden and we are looking forward to starting our Forest Schools trips again after the summer holidays!

Throughout the summer we plan to have more trips to the Meadows with the Hedgehogs, Foxes and Rabbits. We often take resources such as balls and hoops with us and stay out at the Meadows for a picnic lunch.

Our weekly fruit shop trips are going very well, the children are really good at choosing fruit for snack and the older Rabbits are getting really good at identifying coins when it’s time to pay for our fruit!

Children & Activities

We really enjoyed watching our ‘living eggs’ hatch into chicks this month! The children all did really well at handling the chicks gently and washing their hands afterwards!

On the ground floor we will be turning our home corner into a school to help with the Rabbits transition to primary 1. We will also be taking part in the primary school transition projects by carrying out activities relating to ‘We’re going on a Bear hunt’ and ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We also have some primary 1 children who left Meadows Nursery last year coming in to talk to our Rabbits.

Our Hedgehogs have been spending lots of time exploring the sand this month! We added dinosaurs and natural resources for the children to explore. The Hedgehogs have also spent lots of time mark-making in the garden using Chunky chalks and crayons!

Staff CPD

Amy M attended a course on Floorbook planning, organised by Mindstretchers, which she found very interesting & informative. We are now looking forward to implementing her good ideas which will further improve our Floorbook planning with the children.

We also have a full day Child Protection course for all staff coming up on Saturday 2 July and various First Aid updates for individual staff over the next few months.

Diary Dates

Our summer show and graduation will be taking place on Friday 24 June!



Nursery News April 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News April 2016

We have all been enjoying spending more time outside in the nicer weather and we have even managed to have a few picnic lunches in the garden! Can we please ask that all children have their own labelled sunhat and also suncream if you do not wish your child to use nursery suncream.

Front Door Security

Can we please ask parents to ensure that the front door is properly closed behind them by pulling or pushing the door closed.

Out & About

We have been continuing with our visits to our local care home Glencairn and we have enjoyed exploring a range of craft activities with the residents. We plan to have the residents come to visit us at nursery during the summer for some sing songs and some scones!

We have also been having lots of fun on our Forest Schools trips to Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden. The children have been learning about boundaries and developing their gross motor skills with lots of running, balancing and climbing as well as improving their literacy skills by making letters with sticks they have found!

Our library trips to George 1V Bridge have been going really well where the children have been great at listening at story time!

Our Hedgehogs have been getting out and about around the Meadows and to the park as well as exploring their senses at Summerhall as part of the Mini Zoomers group!

Children & Activities

Our current topic in the nursery is Our Community and we would welcome any parent who works in the local community to speak with the older children about what they do. We have been going on lots of Community Walks and talking about what we see on our walk then using our floor books to develop these observations. We have also started going to our local fruit shop on a regular basis with some of the older children where we have been choosing our fruit and learning about money. We have transformed our home corner into a shop and café so the children can carry on their learning about our community.


We currently have a child in the nursery who has a very severe nut allergy and we therefore respectfully ask parents to provide a completely nut free lunch for their child.


Claire has moved on from Meadows Nursery and we’d like to thank her for all her efforts at the nursery and wish her all the best.

Rebecca will be taking over as Room Leader on the ground floor.

Lunch Provision

We have been further considering the options for provision of nursery lunches and the most likely option for the trial will be for Caroline, the Meadows at Pilrig cook, to cook lunch for both nurseries. This requires an upgrade to our equipment at Pilrig to deal with the additional capacity and this is now underway. We will keep you updated.

Diary Dates

Our topic session ‘A typical Day’ will be held on Thursday 5 May 6.30pm-8pm and our parent forum will take place on Monday 23 May.



Nursery News March 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News March 2016

With Spring well underway, we are hoping to soon dispense with our hats, gloves and scarves and replace them with sunhats! Thank you to parents for labeling these items and for your patience & understanding when belongings are misplaced. It can be a challenge keeping track of them all!

Could parents please bring in a labeled sun hat for their child and sun cream if you’re opting not to use the nursery suncream. All parents should now have signed our new suncream & nappy cream consent forms which require re-signing every 6 months.

With the better weather, the children will end the day out in the garden more often and there may not always be staff in the Tree Room to answer the buzzer. We are aware of this and will ensure that Flower Room staff man the buzzer at the end of the day. Please, however let us know if you are having to wait to enter the nursery.

Out & About!

All who went to Edinburgh Zoo had a great time. Thank you to the parents (& grandparents) who accompanied us. The weather held out for us and we all enjoyed the bus trip there & back.

Our next Forest Schools block is to Johnston Terrace Wildlife Garden and will begin on Monday 11 April for 6 weeks. We are including all the children leaving for school in this group plus the next 6 oldest children. It’s always a lovely walk to the garden through the Meadows, passed Greyfriar’s Bobby and on to the Grassmarket.

Our regular visits to Glencairn care home continue & we welcomed some of the residents to the nursery recently for a sing song and some tea! We plan to continue with our Tuesday slot until all the Tuesday children have had a chance to visit the care home and then move it to a different day.

Our trips to the library on George 1V Bridge and Museum will resume after the Easter holidays when it is generally less busy. In the meantime we’ve been getting out to the Meadows park on a regular basis.

Children & Activities

Our new children, who started recently, are settling in well and it’s good for us to provide opportunities for siblings to play together. We also try to structure our day so that children of different ages can play together as there is a lot to be gained from this. Kiera and Misha start this month on the middle floor and we look forward to making them welcome.

Our next theme in the nursery is Our Community and we’d welcome any parent who works in the local community to speak with the older children about what they do. We plan to arrange visits from community police, fire fighters, rangers etc.


As you know, Samantha has moved on from Meadows Nursery and we’d like to thank her for all her efforts at the nursery and wish her all the best.

Rebecca has started on the ground floor working with the older children and is also mum to Kiera. Please say hello to Rebecca if you have not already been introduced.

Diary Dates

We were pleased to see a number of parents at our parents evening this Thursday 7 April and again hope to see as many parents as possible on Thursday 5 May for our Topic Session “A Typical Day”.

Our Parent Forum is on Monday 23 May at 6.30pm.


Nursery News February 2016 Millerfield Place

Nursery News February 2016

February has been a very fun and busy month for Meadows Nursery with visits to the library, park, days out for Forest Schools and our popular care home visits continuing.

Outdoor Learning and Trips

Library: A small group of Foxes and Rabbits has been making a weekly trip to the George IV Bridge Children’s Library for the last few months. This has proven to be a popular outing and the children enjoy bringing back their library books for their quiet time. This trip starts around 10.30 every Thursday and parents are very welcome to meet us there.

Forest Schools: The children have been taking their learning goals outside with this current Forest Schools block and we are looking at how we can link Numeracy, Literacy and Health and Wellbeing to the outdoors. We have looked at patterns outside, collected sticks to put them into order and written our names in the ground. We also get lots of fantastic exercise and become more aware of the word around us.

Care home visits: We have had a great time with our Care home visits for this block. On pancake Tuesday, the residents and children got to decorate their own pancakes to eat for their snack. They have also been making friendship bracelets and necklaces and enjoying some puzzles too!

Other outings: We have also recently been managing to take a small group out on a Wednesday and Friday of each week too, usually consists of 4 babies and 2 older children. We have managed to have an outing a day for February!


The month of February has brought staff training from Edinburgh Council, with our language boost workshop focusing on comprehension and expression of spoken language in meaningful contexts. Nursery staff target key vocabulary and age-appropriate language within everyday nursery activities and use 4 simple strategies to acknowledge and extend children’s communication attempts and to support their comprehension and social interaction.

Claire has attended Up, up and away training during February and Samantha attended the Council’s pre-birth to three conference.

Diary Dates

Diary dates for 2016 have been emailed to parents and carers and are displayed in the main foyer. We hope that you can make the various events noted, in particular can you please note that the Christmas party has been changed to Thursday 15 December 2016 so that we could book Tricky Ricky.

Our Rabbits children will head to Edinburgh Zoo on Thursday 24 March for their annual Spring trip. Parents have been emailed the details of this exciting outing. Please let us know if you are available to be a parent helper on this day.

Children and parents

A big welcome to Leo, Sophia, Joachim and Matilda all joining the Meadows team this month! Everyone has all settled in really well and have been making some great bonds with their keyworkers and other children.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Loueï and his family in early March. Loueï has been with the nursery since he was a very small baby and we have watched him grow and develop into a confident and caring little boy, who loves to help and play with his best friend Alex. He will be missed by us all and we wish you all the best in your new life abroad.

March will see the start of our Children’s Committee. We will feedback the minutes of our meeting to you once this has taken place.


The preschool children are learning ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ for their current topic – thanks to all who have emailed/brought in pictures to help us with this topic. We will be focusing on our daily routines, with the children learning about themselves and their families and how, even though we are different, we are all the same and equal.

The middle floor children have been enjoying lots of role play and also welcoming their new friends into the nursery. The children have also enjoyed lots of trips to the Meadows and the parks. March will focus on transition into the nursery and supporting the babies’ individual next steps.


Rebecca Blakey will join our staffing team in April. Rebecca has many years of experience and will also be bringing her daughter to join our team of little helpers.