Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News February 2019

Rabbits News February 2019


We would like to welcome Martha, Lucy, Alex, Harper, Eero, Euan, Emma to the Flower Room. We hope you will learn lots of new skills with your new teachers and will enjoy being in the ‘big room’!


This month we enjoyed learning about Countries and Culture, exploring and understanding a variety of things relating to many countries such as flags, living environments and animals.

Literacy and Numeracy

The children really enjoyed learning about various flags of the world, we spoke a little about why countries have their own unique flag. The children enjoyed researching the flags and even made their own designs! Victoria and Olivia brought books from home which was fantastic to share with everyone. We learned that some flags are symmetrical and from that we even made our own symmetrical designs.

While learning about countries we spoke a little about the environment that we live in and we began to make up our own stories. A group of children, with help from Paul, wrote the first part of the book, drawing pictures to go alongside. The children loved this and once that story was finished we shared our story at Together Time before lunch. All of the children enjoyed hearing the story that their friends had created.

IMG_3088Social Studies and Health and Wellbeing

Kinga enjoyed teaching the children about various languages. Kinga is from Poland and she taught the children how to say various words in Polish. Victoria, who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, taught us how to sing the song Baby Shark in Spanish, and the children absolutely loved this.

Lisa was in charge of health and wellbeing for the month, and she did a great food tasting activity spread over a week. The children were given the opportunity to taste a delicious selection of foods from all around the world; they tried Scottish food, Indian, Polish, English and Spanish. The children loved this and we will definitely do it again in the future as it was very popular.

IMG_3091 (2)Craft fun

While learning about counties the subject of volcanoes came up and the children were all so fascinated by this. They were all amazed at the idea of a volcano erupting so the children, with the help of Carolann, spent a week making their own papier-mâché volcano using PVA glue, newspaper, paint, leaves and sticks. The children and staff all really enjoyed doing this and took such pride in the final result. Once the volcano was made it was time for the exciting part; the eruption! Using bicarbonate soda and vinegar we mixed them together with red food colouring inside the volcano and within seconds we had made lava! This was so exciting for the children and they can’t wait to do it again.

This now leads us on to our new topic which we can’t wait to get started on; Dinosaurs, it has definitely been a long time coming as the children all love dinosaurs. We will be learning the different types of dinosaurs plus learning about where they lived, what they ate and so much more.

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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News December 2018

Rabbits News December 2018

image1The Rabbits have been very busy during December getting ready for our Christmas show which took place on Thursday 13 December.

We decided this year to have a Carol Service and craft tables rather than a Nativity so that parents could be more involved and for everyone to feel more relaxed. This went very well and we received many complements from parents.

We had 4 craft tables out for the children and parents to take part in and enjoy. One parent helper even brought in props for us to make our own Christmas wreath, the money we raised will then go to our Local Food bank where we regularly donate food.

IMG_4430We sang a selection of Christmas carols, and even learned a few verses of Silent Night in Polish which the children all sang amazingly well.

Towards the end of the party we had some entertainment from the magician, Tricky Ricky, who was hilariously entertaining as usual for parents as well as the children.

Santa of course made his guest appearance to complete our party and he gave a book present to each of the children

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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News October 2018

Rabbits News October 2018

We have been very busy during the month of October; we started and finished our topic of ‘Real and Imaginary’, we had a few trips out of the nursery and we also celebrated Halloween.


We have completed our topic of ‘Real and Imaginary’ and enjoyed learning the differences between the two. We learned about fairytales and what things we liked and disliked about them. We learned about castles and what people used to wear in previous centuries.


During October we have been learning about the celebration of Halloween. In the middle of the month, we went on a trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens where we had a Halloween trail all around the grounds, collecting clues and our prize at the end! We learned about various plants and their names and we also some of wildlife which we found very interesting.

We stayed in the gardens for lunch and then headed to the maze where we spent our last hour, we love the maze and trying to get out!

We have continued to go on our weekly visits to Forest Schools and Victoria Manor care home.


We enjoyed learning about Halloween and doing various craft activities and baking spooky cookies with our cook Caroline. We had our Halloween party and enjoyed dooking for apples, dressing up, face painting, spooky stories and movie time with popcorn! We enjoyed learning about Halloween and coming to nursery dressed up as our favourite super hero, villain or Halloween character, even some of our teachers dressed up too!

IMG_0285 (2)Butterfly Room

Now that the colder weather is beginning to creep in we have enjoyed opening our Butterfly Room at 4:30pm, which is a cosy room where we can do pre-school activities. We have ‘Ipad time’ where we enjoy playing educational games relating to our theme or topic and play circle games such as ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’, ‘Sandy girl/boy’ and many others.

November and December

After Halloween we will focus on our ‘Winter Wonderland’ themed play for December, getting many ideas for the children about what they would like to base it around.

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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News September 2018

Rabbits News September 2018

All About Me and my Body

Our topic for September was All About Me and my Body and we have been learning the names of our body parts and the roles they play. We have been learning about the changes that our bodies go through as we grow from babies, into toddlers, into children and then into adults.

IMG_0174We made ‘All About Me’ books, where we wrote about ourselves and drew pictures to go alongside, including our hair colour, where we come from and what things we like to do. We also spoke a little about where we live and we all know that we all live in Edinburgh which is a city in Scotland. We each measured ourselves and with our findings we made tally charts for everyone’s height.

We learned about our growing bodies and what we need to grow, about our organs and their correct names and purpose. We enjoyed many activities where we used stickers to label our body parts and stick them onto ourselves; all the children loved walking around the nursery with their body parts labelled!

We also enjoyed some arts and craft where we made papier mache body parts, using balloons. We blew the up and then covered in with newspaper and pva glue then we painted them.

We also took part in a food tasting activity with a selection of various foods and spices to taste. Some were spicy, sour and sweet and we spoke about our taste buds and what their role is.

We also have a new friend at nursery ‘Jack Skeleton’. Jack came to nursery in a box and we built him with a little help from our teachers. We learned about his bones and the correct name for them.

IMG_0277Other Activities

We have almost completed our 6 week block of Forest schools and the Care Home. At Forest Schools we have enjoyed making dens and tents. We have been taking modelling clay with us the last couple of weeks and then we have been using sticks and berries while there to make baskets, birdhouses and various other things.

At the Care Home we have enjoyed drawing pictures for the residents to keep, we know this makes them feel happy so we always make sure we do something special for them. We have also enjoyed dancing and playing circle games to keep them entertained.


With the weather changing we have been making more use of our ‘Butterfly Room’ over the last couple of weeks and we have enjoyed doing lots of dancing. We turn the lights off and switch on fairy lights and use our torches. We play musical bumps and musical chairs which the children all love. The children enjoy spending time in this room as it is nice and cosy and lots of fun!


We are now planning our Halloween party for the end of October and are looking forward to dressing up, party games, face painting and a Spooky Meadows talent show!

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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News August 2018

Rabbits News August 2018

Best wishes to all of our children who have left to go to school. We will miss seeing you all at nursery, Julia, Alice, Tiyash, Ameilie, Caitlin, Laura, Saya, Jamila, Jacob, Marko and Archie, and we hope you all have lots of fun at school,

We would also like to say goodbye to Rosa who is moving to a new house and Zoe who is heading off to another nursery, we will miss you both and hope you will come back to visit us one day.

IMG_0055Outdoor fun

The children said that they would like to build more tents and dens in the garden and inside, so we sat down with our floor book and we planned out ways we could build a tent; the materials needed and where would be the best place for the tent to be made. Once the plans were completed we then collected the materials needed; blankets, sticks, pegs etc. The children all really enjoyed making the tents and said where each should be and what we needed to make it better.

IMG_0119Cooking and baking

The children enjoyed looking through our recipe book each Monday morning and deciding what they would like to make that week. The children then spoke to our cook Caroline who then ordered everything that we needed.

The children made a Greek salad from scratch, they chopped the vegetables needed and also made the salad dressing. We have also been doing lots of baking daily, including banana bread, scones and fairy cakes.

Extra curricular activities

We have started up our extra activities such as Forest Schools, Care Home visits, Tatti Bumpkins and Enjoy a Ball. The children all enjoy these activities and learn a lot from them.

Moving on

Because a number of children have gone off to school and also a few have moved house, we have been talking about moving on and why sometimes things change. We have been talking about our friends moving on and how that can make us feel. We have also been reading various books about moving house and changes in our lives while planning activities around this.

IMG_0122 (2)





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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News July 2018

Rabbits News July 2018

A big welcome to Leon, Cora and Molly who have settled into the Flower Room this month, they are doing very well and becoming familiar with their new routine as they continue to make new friends and explore their now surroundings.

July has been a quiet month as many of the children have been away on holiday, so at nursery we have enjoyed doing different activities and going on various outings to our local shops and parks.


IMG_0081We have enjoyed baking and cooking with Paul (who used to be a chef!) so he has been teaching us new skills as we make different dishes each day. We sit down with Paul and we look through our cooking book and we all decide on something that we would like to make to eat for our afternoon snack. We have made a Greek salad; Paul helped us to chop the vegetables and explained to us where they come from and ways that we can chop them. We also made a Thai green curry which was one of our favourites to make; we even made the sauce by blending different herbs and spices.

We have enjoyed many days out in our garden at nursery where we have been having water fights, car washes, played many circle and parachute games and even made ice lollies to keep us cool in this hot weather!


IMG_0097We have started Forest Schools again which we really enjoy. We go in the same group for 4 weeks and we all work closely together building tents, dens and have a large area to explore. We have been making bows and arrows using sticks and wool, treasure maps and we always have a hot chocolate to start off our morning.

We have also been contributing to our local food bank; we collect donations of food and toiletries which we take to our local church. On the way to the Church we pop into a shop and get a few extra things we think people who don’t have much may need. Doing this teaches us about other families and that not everyone has the same things in life.

School Leavers

IMG_0085Unfortunately it’s the time of year again to say good luck and goodbye to our pre-school children: Caitlin, Julia, Laura, Amelie, Tiyash, Saya, Jamila, Alice, Oaken, Marko, Archie, Nathaniel and Jacob. We will miss you all very much and hope that you have a fantastic time at school, please remember to come back and visit us in your school uniform!



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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News June 2018

Rabbits News June 2018

Summer Show and Graduation

IMG_0661This month in the Flower room we have been making the most of the nice weather; we have enjoyed lots of time in the garden playing and learning throughout the day. We have been having water fights with our friends, more car wash fun and enjoying our sand and mud kitchen.

June was a very busy month for us as we had our Graduation and Summer Show. We had been practising for weeks, learning lines and songs that were new to us, a particular favourite was ‘Eye of the Tiger’. All of our hard work paid off on Friday the 22nd when we had our show in front of all our families. We all did amazingly well and everyone was very proud of us. Our show was based around ‘Our Special Skills’ which is something that we do at nursery each day when we show our friends and teachers the things that we feel we are good at.

We also had our graduation to say goodbye to our friends who will be moving on to school. The preschool children were given a robe and hat to wear and each child told their friends and families what they would like to be when they grow up. We had many doctors, footballers, a mechanic and even Elsa from Frozen!

We will all be sad to see the children go off to school but we wish them all the very best in their future.


Over the next couple of weeks we will be welcoming more children into the 3-5 room. The children will have a settle period, which consists of getting them familiar with their new routine and introducing them to the other children. Staff will also take time to get to know the children to better understand their individual needs.

Forest Schools and Care Home Visits

Now that our Summer Show is completed we will be starting up Forest Schools and our weekly visit to our local Care Home.

Forest schools involves a group of children enjoying a day out at St Marks Park where they have the opportunity to build tents, experience team building with their peers and learn about nature and ways that we can look after it.

The Care Home is a great way to get the children involved in their local community. We learn about people who are older than us, that their needs are different from ours and over the weeks we begin to develop a close bond with them and enjoy going to see them.


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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News May 2018

Rabbits News May 2018

IMG_8333This month in the Flower room we have been making the most of the nicer weather; we have enjoyed lots of time in the garden playing and learning throughout the day. We have enjoyed the water tray, filling and pouring coloured water. We even made our very own car wash using sponges and brushes, water and lots of soap! We have enjoyed building sandcastles in our sandpit and used the shape and number moulds to practice our counting.

Summer Show

We have been very busy practising for our summer show ‘Meadows Nursery has Talent’. We have been having two practices daily, one with our teachers to go over the script and then in the afternoon we have been practising with our teachers and music teacher. We have been learning a variety of songs including ‘Eye of the tiger’, ‘How far I’ll go’ and ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. We are doing very well and are enjoying learning the new songs and actions.

IMG_8326Spring Trip

We enjoyed a special treat to the Royal Botanical Gardens during May which was great fun. When we arrived we were split into three groups and enjoyed different activities around ‘Granddad’s garden’. We helped to look after the garden by watering the plants, building bug houses and helping the bees to find pollen on the flowers. We learned about taking care of nature and about the different plants and animals that are sometimes in our garden. We stayed for lunch in the gardens before heading over to a maze where we stayed and played for quite a while before leaving for the bus back to nursery.

Forest Schools and Care Home

We have now completed our 6 week block of both Forest Schools and the Care Home. We have really enjoyed the last 6 weeks, both trips help with our confidence and social skills. We have learned a lot by going to the Care Home, we spoke about why us visiting the residents there is good for them and also us. Forest Schools is also great for building relationships with our peers and also our teachers as it is very hands-on and we all need to work together to build tents etc. We are looking forward to the next block starting after our summer show and graduation.



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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News April 2018

Rabbits News April 2018

Pic 1 herbsThis month we have been very busy with our topic of Spring and Life Cycles. We have been looking into the science of life cycles by researching the different parts of plants and how animals and insects are born and grow. It has been fantastic for the children to have the Living Eggs chicks for some real first hand insight into the life cycle of a chicken and our butterflies which will be hatching soon. From this topic we have also been learning how to use different forms of information around us for our literacy, such as looking at posters and pictures to show how the animals and insects grow.

Pic 2 Park


For our numeracy we have been working on our mathematical expressions using smaller, bigger, more and less to recognise the size differences in objects. For this we did activities such as how many chicks fit inside a cow! For our health and wellbeing this month we have been learning about what we need to grow. From this we went on to explore what other animals and plants need to grow.

Pic 3 FS


We have been continuing lots of extra activities like Forest Schools, Enjoy-a-ball, Tatty Bumpkins and the Care Home. We have been making the most of the garden enjoying some of the sunshine and warmth recently by having mats, tents and lots of activities out in the garden. We are continuing our great music sessions with Roanna and will be starting to practice our songs for the summer show.

Next month we will be focusing on the topic Show Time while we get ready for our Summer Show and Graduation on 22 June.



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Meadows at Pilrig Rabbits News March 2018

Rabbits News March 2018

033B945C-CDD0-4A18-9DCC-0CFD3F6C42A1This month started with our new topic ‘Time’. We began with our floor-book talking to the children about what they know about time and what they would like to learn. We spoke about ways in which time is around us, for example clocks in the room, transport timetables, sand timers, watches and things that we need time for. We also spoke about daily routines at nursery and at home and how we need time to follow these.  We then began to look into what the children wanted to learn about time, some children wanted to be able to know the time and some wanted to build their own clocks. Erin planned activities around literacy and numeracy with Paul taking the lead with technology. Paul and some of the children even used a lemon to start a clock which as you can imagine the children found very interesting.

832A03E8-F461-4DFB-B08F-A25E241EE06CWe began our Easter crafts with Urska, our student who works with us on a Wednesday and Thursday. Urska had lots of craft ideas and we made Easter cards and rabbits and decorated them with paint, paper, cotton balls and pens.

We have also been continuing our Forest Schools sessions, where we have been doing lots of climbing and discovering the surroundings at the park. The children have been developing how they use tools at Forest Schools and how some tools can help us build things to play with. Tatty Bumpkins have also been visiting us and Enjoy-a-Ball has been teaching us new ways to balance and use our gross motor skills. We have visited the Care Home this month where we read some stories and got to know the people who live in the home. While we were there it was a resident’s 80th birthday and we all sang Happy Birthday to him which made him and his family very happy. We also met a lady who was 101, we spoke about the gap between our age and hers and how things have changed since she was our age.

IMG_0076In the last week in March we were very lucky to receive 10 eggs which hatched into chicks! We were all fascinated by the whole process and enjoyed watching the chicks hatch.

We now have our own role-play farm in which we can take care of all the different animals.

Our topic next month will be ‘The life cycle’ where we will be focusing on animals and plants. We will also be getting caterpillars to watch them turn into butterflies and also tadpoles which will be very exciting for us.

If parents have any questions or suggestions about this, or anything from the Flower Room, please feel free to ask any of the Flower Room staff or the Managers.


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