Rabbits News February 2019


We would like to welcome Martha, Lucy, Alex, Harper, Eero, Euan, Emma to the Flower Room. We hope you will learn lots of new skills with your new teachers and will enjoy being in the ‘big room’!


This month we enjoyed learning about Countries and Culture, exploring and understanding a variety of things relating to many countries such as flags, living environments and animals.

Literacy and Numeracy

The children really enjoyed learning about various flags of the world, we spoke a little about why countries have their own unique flag. The children enjoyed researching the flags and even made their own designs! Victoria and Olivia brought books from home which was fantastic to share with everyone. We learned that some flags are symmetrical and from that we even made our own symmetrical designs.

While learning about countries we spoke a little about the environment that we live in and we began to make up our own stories. A group of children, with help from Paul, wrote the first part of the book, drawing pictures to go alongside. The children loved this and once that story was finished we shared our story at Together Time before lunch. All of the children enjoyed hearing the story that their friends had created.

IMG_3088Social Studies and Health and Wellbeing

Kinga enjoyed teaching the children about various languages. Kinga is from Poland and she taught the children how to say various words in Polish. Victoria, who speaks Spanish and Portuguese, taught us how to sing the song Baby Shark in Spanish, and the children absolutely loved this.

Lisa was in charge of health and wellbeing for the month, and she did a great food tasting activity spread over a week. The children were given the opportunity to taste a delicious selection of foods from all around the world; they tried Scottish food, Indian, Polish, English and Spanish. The children loved this and we will definitely do it again in the future as it was very popular.

IMG_3091 (2)Craft fun

While learning about counties the subject of volcanoes came up and the children were all so fascinated by this. They were all amazed at the idea of a volcano erupting so the children, with the help of Carolann, spent a week making their own papier-mâché volcano using PVA glue, newspaper, paint, leaves and sticks. The children and staff all really enjoyed doing this and took such pride in the final result. Once the volcano was made it was time for the exciting part; the eruption! Using bicarbonate soda and vinegar we mixed them together with red food colouring inside the volcano and within seconds we had made lava! This was so exciting for the children and they can’t wait to do it again.

This now leads us on to our new topic which we can’t wait to get started on; Dinosaurs, it has definitely been a long time coming as the children all love dinosaurs. We will be learning the different types of dinosaurs plus learning about where they lived, what they ate and so much more.