Meadows is a small family-run nursery situated in the heart of the Meadows area in Edinburgh.

The nursery is a homely three storey Victorian terraced house close to several excellent amenities such as parks, museum and libraries.

We place a high emphasis on learning through play and extending learning with regular trips to local amenities and nature excursions.




We operate an open-door policy where parents are welcome in the nursery at any time. There are regular parent evenings, newsletters and information notice boards throughout the nursery. We also have an active Families Forum which meets two to three times a year. Each child has a personal e Learning Journal which is completed both at the nursery and at home on ipads.

Our aim at Meadows Nursery is to be a place where children can thrive.

  • Creates an inviting, trustful and respected space where children, families and employees are treated respectfully and equally.
  • Offering a healthy, safe, secure and inspiring learning environment where children can learn and grow
  • Provides high quality child centred education and care by promoting the development of creativity, free choice, individuality and self – confidence
  • Modelling positive examples to inspire children to be kind, imaginative and independent individuals.
  • Supporting employees in the development of their professional practices.